Trunk or Treating

Fun and Safe Ways to Celebrate Halloween!

The Coronavirus has changed the way we live this year as well as how we celebrate occasions and holidays. With social distancing still an important part of prevention, celebrating Halloween will be very different this year. We are here to help you figure out fun ways to celebrate Halloween safely. Certain states are already laying out guidelines on how people should be celebrating Halloween this year. The one thing that will probably see the biggest change this year is trick or treating. Here are a few ideas how to make Halloween special for the kids big or small.


This is the biggest buzz word going around right now. There are a couple different ways people are thinking about Trunk or Treating. One idea is to host an event in a parking lot or in your neighborhood, where people put Halloween decorations in the trunk of their cars and hand out candy to kids as they go house to house. The candy can be in pre-made treat bags ready to hand out. Consider having designated adults who will commit to applying hand sanitizer and give out the candy rather than encourage lots of little hands to reach inside the bowl. Another variation of Trunk or Treating has families drive down the street with their trunk open, so those handing out candy can just drop it into a bag or basket in the trunk helping people stay social distanced.

Zoom Costume Contest

Now that your kids are probably better at hosting a Zoom meeting than you are, help them coordinate an online costume contest. Work with other parents to come up with prizes for certain categories like scariest costume, best super hero or funniest costume. You can send prizes online like gift cards or credits to gaming platforms.

Mask Decorating Contests

If your kids will be out celebrating, they will most likely need a face mask. So, use that opportunity to decorating with something fun or make it part of your costume. Check out our Arts and Crafts section for all the supplies you might need.

DIY Halloween Decorations

Save money and create a fun activity with the kids by making your own halloween decorations. Find stencils online to create shapes like bats, pumpkins and witches hats. We have a great variety of construction paper pads and paint sets that will keep the kids busy.

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