Who Are Proud To Serve Religious Organizations

Do you ever find yourself asking how you can do more for those in need? That question plays a large role in how we do business. We strive to be the partner to organizations that provide help to those that cannot always help themselves. With that goal, we often find ourselves working closely with many religious organizations. Religious groups can maximize their donation dollars to make the greatest impact by shopping wholesale. As we continue to work with churches and faith-based institutions across the country, we have been invited to see all the good that is occurring from the ground up.

By being the one-stop source of low-price, wholesale goods, we are able to provide the products that power our partners’ philanthropy. It could be the backpack for a child whose family couldn’t afford one, food for homeless teens after school, or hygiene kits to provide cleanliness and dignity to those affected by a natural disaster.

We have found so many great opportunities to help do more good by working with our religious partners. Some of the projects our religious based clients have done include:

-Back to school stuffing events with backpacks, notebooks, binders, pens, pencils and markers to set a child up with supplies.

Blanket and sock donations for the homeless

Hygiene kit packing events for those that are homeless, at-risk, transitioning between living situations or in the foster system.

-Community clean ups – Our clients source clean-up essentials, grab their congregants and beautify local parks and schools.

The list of opportunities for effecting positive change is endless. We can even source items like bibles and rosaries to be included in your giving back projects.

Let’s inspire more giving together.

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  1. Francis Hawkins says:

    My name is Francis Hawkins and I run a food pantry at Temple Baptist Church. I would like to know how I can buy can food and other staples at wholesale cost.

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