DollarDays’ Frank Albanese on Why He Loves His Customers

Frank Albanese

After four years and 7,333 nonprofit partners served, Frank Albanese may have every right to feel that way. As DollarDays’ longest-tenured National Account Manager, Frank is passionate about his clients. Every day, he comes in, sits at his desk, puts on his headset and begins helping his customers across the United States. Throughout the day, calls flood in from chapters of the Salvation Army, CityGate Network (formerly the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions), Kiwanis Clubs and more. These localized groups are seeking Frank’s expert advice on how to maximize their limited budgets by purchasing goods in bulk. It’s the cornerstone of the work Frank loves.

I love helping my customers because I know they’re helping others.

Frank Albanese, National Account Manager, DollarDays

“Some might think that talking about packets of socks, cases of pencils or pallets of blankets might not be interesting,” Frank explains. “When you realize it’s going to clothe a homeless person, help a child learn or bring relief to a family whose home was just devastated by a hurricane, though, it becomes a whole new feeling.”

Loyal customer Lisa Clark of the Assistance League couldn’t agree more. “I have had such a great experience working with Frank Albanese. He always gets us what we need at a cost that fits into our budget without putting a strain on it. Frank is genuine, kind, caring, thoughtful and very knowledgeable. You know when working with Frank that he truly has your best interest at heart.”

While Frank finds his work deeply fulfilling, he also draws great inspiration from his customers. He says that it takes a special type of person to go into charitable work and it’s those types of people he loves helping.

“A lot of my customers call because they’re working with tight budgets based solely on donation dollars. What’s unique about DollarDays is we have the in-depth knowledge of how our customers purchase, what their needs are, and how we can get them the best-quality products at a cost that works for them so they can serve their communities.”

Frank is known for going above and beyond for his clients, often negotiating prices directly with the company’s vendors and working hand in hand with the DollarDays logistics team to ensure on-time deliveries. It’s no wonder Frank thrives in an industry so reliant on kindness.

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