DollarDays Reinvents Wholesale Business with Dynamic New Website

Those familiar with DollarDays, the country’s premier online wholesaler, will tell you its recent site redesign was long overdue. DollarDays had simply outgrown its website, limiting its ability to take the customers to the next level. In December 2013, DollarDays engaged Arizona agency Resound Creative to create a redesign strategy focused on user experience and customer satisfaction.

Six months later, on July 1, 2014, the DollarDays team proudly unveiled a new and improved website. “New and improved” is an understatement, as it has undergone a metamorphosis that not only includes a customer-centric makeover, but, upon visual inspection, the wow factor from the site’s graphics stunned regular users while providing a memorable user experience. With these upgrades, the average time spent on the website has increased, and DollarDays has been enjoying what it hoped for: an 81% decrease in bounce rate, 24% more registrations, a load time four times faster than the old site and a 12% increase in average order value.

While rolling out the new website, DollarDays introduces a marketing initiative focusing on driving new traffic to the site. During the site design, the DollarDays team thoroughly evaluated each marketing vendor and tool currently being used and added new marketing partners who are invested in DollarDays’ growth due to mutually beneficial performance incentives. A visually stunning site [combined] with a new user experience and the flow of new customers from performing marketing initiatives are the right ingredients for a successful site rollout.

Marc Joseph, DollarDays’ CEO, said, “We couldn’t be happier about the new site. The improvements we made were exactly what our customers wanted. The strong feedback we’re getting tells us we’re doing something right! […] One of our most significant changes was in our mobile presence. Resound Creative designed the site in a manner that allows for responsive viewing, which means our site will resize itself to adapt to any type of device you are using, whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet.”

One thing that will not change at DollarDays is its $5,000 monthly merchandise giveaway on Facebook to causes such as education, homelessness, animal welfare, eldercare, teachers and students.

“We have connected with a community of over 210,000 on Facebook that is likeminded. They respond to helping others and nominate teachers, shelters, schools, etc., to win in the monthly giveaways—they wait for the announcement of the winners each month like it was the winner of ‘American Idol’! We love being able to give back to the community,” said Mr. Joseph, who also authors a monthly Huffington Post article that offers reflection on a cause that is in alignment with the DollarDays’ ideals. Joseph’s July Huffington Post article is a passionate look at our kids’ education.

In 2001, DollarDays was created to provide quality wholesale products in small case packs at great prices for small retail businesses as a way to compete with the chains in their communities. This vision remains the focus, including a customer base that has evolved to include thousands of nonprofit organizations, as well as consumers. […]

On a final note, Joseph declared, “We have truly reinvented online wholesaling. What was once a strictly B2B space is now wide open for not only businesses, but nonprofits and consumers. Each of these users is finding DollarDays as their go-to niche for wholesale savings. Our new website is something that any user can use and enjoy with ease.”

About DollarDays
Founded in 2001, DollarDays is the leading supplier of wholesale goods for nonprofits, businesses and betterment organizations. By sourcing affordable products, backed by exceptional service and meaningful community engagement, we strive to inspire and empower our customers to accomplish their missions to improve the lives of people around the world. Recognized as the City of Phoenix Mayor’s Office “2018 Product Exporter of the Year” and Internet Retailer Magazine’s “B2B E-commerce Marketer of the Year” for 2016 and 2017, DollarDays is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information, visit

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