DollarDays Chooses Treepodia’s E?commerce Video Tool

Treepodia, the leading provider of automated video solutions for online retailers, announced today that DollarDays, a leading online wholesaler that helps small businesses compete against chains in their area, has seen a major increase in conversions using Treepodia’s e-commerce video platform. DollarDays has also greatly improved the SEO of its product pages using Treepodia’s Dynamic Video Sitemap.

DollarDays, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, offers more than 165,000 bulk products—including decorative items, clothing and personal care products—that can be ordered in small quantities at competitive prices. Given the wide range of products, DollarDays needed to make it easier for its customers to find and choose products from the DollarDays website. Video offered one of the best methods for showcasing DollarDays’ products, but managing video content was time-consuming and labor-intensive.

“With so many products to cover and an ever-expanding product line, an automated solution was clearly the only option in terms of both sheer logistics and cost,” said Marc Joseph, President of DollarDays. In addition, DollarDays needed to make sure that each video was properly indexed so that searches for relevant keywords on Google and other search engines would include DollarDays’ products further up in results—a benefit that the Dynamic Video Sitemap provides.

DollarDays chose Treepodia to create about 50,000 product videos for its site. Treepodia’s e-commerce video platform enables online merchants to cover their entire product catalog with dynamic and effective video content in just 24 hours and includes monitored video hosting, high-quality streaming and a multi-environment video player. DollarDays also chose Treepodia’s Dynamic Video Sitemap, which ensures that all video content is indexed, including video titles, descriptions, duration, location and more, in order to drive more new traffic to their site.

Soon after it began using Treepodia to create and manage its product videos, DollarDays saw its conversion rate rise significantly. Additionally, all of its product videos were indexed by Google in a single day, and product-specific long-tail search terms such as “bright pencil pouch” were yielding far higher results on Google than before—in many cases, showing up first among search results.

“We’ve been incredibly pleased with the results we’ve received from the Treepodia solutions,” said Joseph. “So much so, in fact, that within a month, we’d already decided to expand the Treepodia solutions across our entire product offering. Not only was the ROI quick and concrete, but the implementation was surprisingly simple.”

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