DollarDays Rings up E-commerce Dollars Using EasyAsk Natural Language Search & Merchandising

EasyAsk, the leader in e-commerce search and merchandising software, and DollarDays, the premier online wholesaler and closeout company, today announced one of the largest and most diverse uses of e-commerce search in e-retail. DollarDays is using the natural language conversion power of EasyAsk eCommerce Edition to get customers from the home page to the right products in a single click, helping increase purchase rates and revenue.

DollarDays distributes over 140,000 products on its e-commerce site, with over 5,000 categories and subcategories—a product catalog that would rival even the largest e-retailers. In addition, as a small-business wholesaler, the catalog is continuously shifting as seasons change, new products become available and excess product needs to be closed out.

A product catalog of this size, diversity and fluidity created a number of difficult challenges in implementing e-commerce search and merchandising. The product diversity meant that the same search term could have different meaning for different products and the navigation attributes would be widely varied across the different categories. The constant change created a merchandising nightmare in trying to manage promotions and offers. It was clear that keyword-based e-commerce search offerings could not meet these challenges.

DollarDays chose EasyAsk eCommerce Edition because the natural language technology provided a more powerful yet easier-to-use search and merchandising for their e-commerce site. With EasyAsk, DollarDays now has: 

  • A search box that is more accurate, allowing visitors to type phrases describing exactly what they want and getting those in one click;
  • A rich, dynamic set of navigation attributes that adjust based on the categories and products, making navigation faster; [and]
  • Superior, easier merchandising, including the automatic assignment of products to special categories and rapid addition of promotional banners, ads and links.

“The most successful e-commerce sites get the customer to the right products the fastest, speeding the buying process,” said Marc Joseph, President and CEO of DollarDays. “EasyAsk[‘s] natural language search allows our customers to find the exact product in a single click, increasing our customer conversion rates. EasyAsk also makes our merchandising more agile, which is essential in our business, where product offerings are continuously changing.”

As a result of using EasyAsk, DollarDays has seen significant improvement in the performance of their e-commerce site, including:

  • The improvement of successful search rate to 99.8% and the virtual elimination of zero-results searches;
  • A dramatic increase in the use of the search box and the length of search terms to lead visitors to products faster;
  • Greater efficiency in merchandising by replacing a time-consuming multistep process to create promotions with a combination of automated and single-step creation of merchandising programs.

DollarDays uses EasyAsk[‘s] natural language and algorithms fed by operational product data to automatically classify products into unconventional categories such as “closeouts,” “49¢ and less,” “hot sellers” and “new products” (seen across the top of the DollarDays website). Using EasyAsk in this way saves many “man-days” of merchandiser time and completely removes technical staff from the merchandising processes.

“DollarDays is a shining example of how EasyAsk’s natural language search and merchandising can bring an e-commerce site to life and instantly increase customer conversion. Higher conversion equals more sales, leading to higher profits,” said Craig Bassin, CEO of EasyAsk. “In a marketplace where you need every competitive edge possible, DollarDays found a powerful yet easy advantage by using EasyAsk that is paying off at the bottom line.”

EasyAsk eCommerce Edition is the industry leading e-commerce search and merchandising solution that allows visitors to find products faster and receive compelling promotions and offers. EasyAsk understands the content and intent of the search question—“red long-sleeved dresses under $150”—to deliver the right results on the first page. EasyAsk eCommerce Edition customers see the industry’s highest conversion rates, deliver a superior customer experience and see dramatic increases in average order sizes.

About DollarDays
Founded in 2001, DollarDays is the leading supplier of wholesale goods for nonprofits, businesses and betterment organizations. By sourcing affordable products, backed by exceptional service and meaningful community engagement, we strive to inspire and empower our customers to accomplish their missions to improve the lives of people around the world. Recognized as the City of Phoenix Mayor’s Office “2018 Product Exporter of the Year” and Internet Retailer Magazine’s “B2B E-commerce Marketer of the Year” for 2016 and 2017, DollarDays is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information, visit

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