We Are Forgetting About Our Kids

I don’t need to rehash what has been going on in Washington. The moves that were made with the most recent agreements, we are told, were made to protect our children and their future. I am more worried about protecting our children of today to make sure we don’t have a lost generation gliding through our school system.

Where is our country’s moral standard when we read the article in The Huffington Post on August 8th, [titled] “Schools Caught Cheating in Atlanta and Around the Country“? […] Where is Washington when The Wichita Kansas Eagle reports this week, “Board Approves Heavy Budget Cuts” and goes on to say they are doing away with librarians and stringed-instrument classes? Or when the Corsicana, Texas, Daily Sun reports, “Mildred Cutting Budget“ and talks about the band not being able to go to football games? Where is our country’s ethical position when, as the Chicago Sun Times reported earlier this week, “Aldermen Not Warming up to Proposed School Property Tax Hike”?

Like any business, if you don’t have enough money coming in, the services you provide will be decreased. Around the country, skills that were being taught that have made our country what it is today, like music, art and physical education, are being eliminated. Teachers are being fired, increasing class size. This is not the legacy I want to leave my children today, let alone the children of tomorrow. […]

The Huffington Post, back in December, reported, “U.S. Falls in World Education Rankings” and that our great country is rated “average.” I know my kids aren’t average, and I am sure your kids aren’t average, either. In this horrible economy, we all have to make sacrifices, and any “average” American understands this—[b]ut don’t sacrifice our kids in the short term, because this country will pay for this in the future. Sacrifice our retirement benefits. Have us pay more in sales tax. Have the adults in this country benefit less in social services, but don’t sacrifice our kids, especially in their formative years.

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Education is what has helped the quality of the American society grow so quickly in the last couple of hundred years. This is because adults have made the right sacrifices for all of our kids. It is the honorable and decent way to treat the next generation.

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