School Supply Giveaway Contest

The Wall Street Journal reported today “For Small Businesses, Recession Isn’t Over.” As a supplier to small businesses of over 140,000 general-merchandise products, we knew the recession wasn’t over months ago, because small businesses are still having trouble getting traffic into their business, [and] those buyers [are spending] less than last year. [O]n top of [that], [small business are still] not […] able to get loans [easily] from banks to help not only keep their business afloat, but, as all optimistic entrepreneurs dream of, expand their business, as well.

Nonprofits are suffering in the same way, because they just can’t raise the kind of funds they need to support the causes needed to sustain our American society. During these recessionary times, all of us, whether you are a business or an individual, need to dig just a little deeper to help.

At, during July, we are running a school supply giveaway contest of $500 to the school that gets the most votes. In just two days, [more than] 250 schools have been nominated on our Facebook page. […]

Nominations of schools are open until July 18, 2011, [s]o if you know of a school in need, send them to this contest—[o]r, better yet, figure out a way where you can give back, [too]!

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