International Checkout Inc. Announces Launch of AJAX Single-page Checkout

International Checkout, Inc., the leading international logistics solution provider, today announced the implementation of an AJAX-driven single-page checkout feature.

By consolidating its multiple-page checkout system into one page, International Checkout (IC) expects to provide its 50-plus online partners (including Internet Retailer Top 500’s Beach Audio, DollarDays, Stacks and Stacks, and Working Person’s Enterprises) a significant increase in conversions and customer satisfaction for their international orders.

Joining online powerhouses Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, MySpace, eBay, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia and the BBC, International Checkout has taken an important step forward by incorporating AJAX technology into its platform. AJAX technology allows webpages to be more responsive and facilitates new design and usability features such as mouseover navigation, streaming content and interactive consumer reviews. Small amounts of data are exchanged with the server behind the scenes, enabling the user to make changes without the entire webpage reloading. This results in an enhanced online shopping experience, consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

“Studies show that over 50% of customers abandon their shopping carts before completing their online purchase,” says International Checkout’s CEO, Saskia Strick. “By streamlining the process with single-page checkout, we anticipate a significant boost in conversions, which will translate to increased sales volume for all of our partners.”

Through integration with IC’s solution, the online retailer transfers its international consumer’s shopping cart to IC to complete the checkout process. With the new AJAX single-page checkout feature, international consumers will complete the entire checkout process right on the retailer’s IC landing page. International clientele will now experience a faster, easier level of performance, which is expected to significantly reduce the rate of cart abandonment.

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