The Right Message

The problem started about two years ago, when LLC began cranking up production of product demonstration videos. The online retailer couldn’t stuff most of the items used for videos back into boxes and sell them as new. When it came to barbecue grills, for instance, cooking on them not only meant they couldn’t be … Continue reading The Right Message

Wholesaling 2.0

For retailers, it’s never been easier or cheaper to find products to sell. Retailers used to have to go to one trade show after another to find merchandise, [o]r they’d schedule countless appointments with salespeople hawking a wholesaler’s wares. Now all they have to do is go online to shop around for the best deal. … Continue reading Wholesaling 2.0

The New Liquidators

Overstocked, returned and outdated products have long been thorns in the sides of retailers. They take up valuable warehouse or shelf space that could be better used to stockpile current inventory. And, perhaps more importantly, they represent lost revenue. In the past, retailers would call local liquidators to bid on excess, returned and out-of-date products, … Continue reading The New Liquidators