Packing a Hygiene Kit

From people in disaster zones to those experiencing homelessness, having the basic essentials can make a world of difference. DollarDays provides the necessary, top-requested items to pack and hand out to somebody in need. We encourage your entire church, company, or organization to get together and host a packing party.

Buying hygiene items in bulk allows you to pack and distribute a lot of kits and help more people in need. The guide below lists out the top-requested hygiene items for those in need. Following the checklist below makes donating so easy. Feel free to save and print it out!

Get printable file here

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For a wide variety of personal care items in bulk, in full size and travel size, visit our website

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There are so many great ways that our bulk travel-size toiletries can be put to good use. Because we do not require large order minimums like many other wholesale retailers, many nonprofits, charities, educators and small businesses turn to us for their wholesale needs. This includes nonprofit organizations that send care packages or donate travel-size items to shelters, hospitals, homeless aid groups and other charitable causes. Educators can find affordable essentials like hand sanitizer for their classrooms or supply students in need with extra toiletries to take home. For small businesses like hotels, hostels and bed and breakfast inns, bulk travel toiletries in hotel-size containers are great for welcoming guests.

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