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Winning at Business

DollarDays President, Marc Joseph, was recently interviewed on sellingbooks.com. Over the last decade Marc has built DollarDays into a successful wholesaler that competes with the likes of WalMart, Costco, and other discount retailers, and he’s done it by cutting costs and being efficient.

A few years ago, Marc was asked to write a book…which he did. The interview is interesting (a lot like Marc), and you get to learn a little bit about the man behind the vision. Did you know that DollarDays is the biggest B2B retail site online? You do now.

Check out the interview, I think you’ll find it really interesting. Then come back here and let us know about you. Are you an entrepreneur? What have you done to make yourself seen online and offline?

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Your Business Needs a Facebook Page…Now!

If your business isn’t on Facebook, you are missing out on a huge advertising opportunity. Facebook boasts over 400 million users. There is a good chance that your customers are logging into the social networking site everyday. When you create a Facebook Page you have an opportunity to reach new customers and connect to those you already have.

Go to Facebook Pages and follow the simple sign up procedure. It is free and very similar to signing up for a personal Facebook account. Once your account is activated, be sure to make your page by adding your logo and product images.

Now that you have your business page, you need fans. People become a fan by clicking a link at the top of your page. It is important that you have a personal Facebook page with a few friends. Become a fan of your own business page. Your friends on Facebook will see this on their news feed. They will be given a chance to become a fan. When they do, their friends will also see a message on their Facebook feed and will be given the option to become a fan. Additionally, you can send an e-mail to all of your business contacts letting them know that you are on Facebook. Putting your Facebook link on your business cards and website is another great way to gain fans for your page.

Facebook gives you an excellent way to establish your brand’s image. It is highly unlikely that your customers visit your website everyday. However, over 50% of Facebook users log into their account daily. Post a daily status and this will appear on your fan’s news feed. Use creative status updates instead of blatant advertising. For example, if you are a flower shop, post a status that says, “ABC Flowers carriers hundreds of different flowers…What is your favorite?” instead of “ABC Flowers 25% off today”. This will create an open discussion and people will think of your brand more favorably.

A Facebook business page is a free advertising opportunity. Your link will show up in search engines which means more and more people will be able to locate you on the web. In this competitive world, there are not many opportunities for this kind of exposure. Get on this trend now and watch your profits rise!

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Wholesale Week in Review – July 2

A Tisket, A Tasket, Don’t Put All Your Eggs Into eBay’s Basket! – Jun 28, 2010


Choosing eBay exclusively as a selling venue can be an expensive mistake. Changes in eBay policies over the past two years are admittedly not friendly to small sellers. Unless a seller is able to generate a substantial number of sales in a month, one or two unfavorable feedback ratings could devastate a seller’s DSRs. Degradation of DSR rating can result in higher fees or even being banned from eBay for a period of a month or more. Exploring alternatives such as Amazon, Bonanzle, Etsy, Boocoo Auctions, eCrater or even to set up a website is a way to hedge against possible eBay account problems.

Adding Technology To Your Wholesale Website: Multimedia – June 29th, 2010


Using multimedia components on a wholesale website can be an effective method of grabbing a viewer’s attention. Studies show that effective multimedia has a 71% higher impact than text alone. Poorly executed multimedia or using too much of it can have the opposite effect. Producing multimedia requires some necessary skills. If a webmaster does not possess those skills, the project should be outsourced. Through the process of idea creation, production, and revision, the goal of the media should be the central focus. The process of multimedia creation takes time and often a significant budget.

Let’s Go Shopping for Wholesale Handbags – June 29, 2010


Sources of quality handbags at wholesale appear plentiful, at first. After evaluating the sources more closely, ii seems that most of the sellers of wholesale handbags are not actually wholesalers. This is apparent not only in the prices but also in returns and shipping policies. Handbagshopping.com is a company that has been in the business of selling handbags and accessories at wholesale for 20 years. Their business model is simple and effective: provide a wide variety of high quality products that sell well for their customers. Handbagshopping.com updates its inventory daily so buyers can be assured of the most current product availability.

Amazon Acquires Woot – More than a Daily Deal Site – June 30, 2010


The sale of Woot to Amazon was announced this week. Woot is a distributor which acquires merchandise from manufacturers and sells through a number of channels. Also offered are fulfillment services through a drop-ship program as well as direct sales to retailers. Woot.com’s Daily Deals website is by far the channel which generates their highest revenue. Amazon could leverage Woot’s distribution channels to sell overstock or returned items. Woot’s product acquisition sources will allow Amazon to enhance its own inventory offerings. Some Amazon marketplace sellers are concerned about competitive pricing which they may face on the Amazon platform.

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Check Out DollarDays

DollarDays is 9 years old. And since our modest beginnings, we’ve been helping hundreds and thousands of small businesses make money. If you’re a small business owner looking at selling wholesale and closeout products on your site or in your brick and mortar store, there is no better place to find product than on DollarDays. We had this video to help put a face to the great men and women who work behind the scenes right here.

We love working with all of you, and we want to continue providing you with the same great service we always have. As Marc Joseph, the CEO of DollarDays says right in the video, we want to provide you with the right products at the right price at the right time to build your business. Now, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the DollarDays team.

Dollar Days International Wholesale Products Distributor

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Wholesale News in Review 6-25

Don’t Put Good Products on Poor Sites! – June 20, 2010
Studies on internet usage of today’s busy people show that a webpage has only a few seconds to make its point. In fact, most people will not scroll down the page before hitting that back button. Product-oriented web pages must focus on functionality and not on flashy animation or large, slow to load images. Improvements to web pages can be made quickly when the pages are looked at from the perspective of a busy user. Take a fresh look at your website without being too attached to what you are accustomed to. Anything on the page that is extraneous or unnecessary should be removed. Place the highlight on the great products being featured.

Facebook VS Google: Who Will Be the Winner? – Jun 25, 2010
Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, states that Facebook will reach one billion users in the near future. Currently, membership doubles every six months. E-commerce merchants and website owners who have not yet endeavored to develop a social media marketing plan would be wise to do so soon.

Entering The Blogosphere : What A Blog Can Do For Your E-Commerce Business – June 22rd, 2010
Since 2005 when blogging became so popular, companies have used blogs to reach new audiences and elaborate on key points of information for their intended customers. Some reasons a business should enter the blogosphere are: ease of use, low start up and maintenance costs, quickly establish authority and credibility in the field, easily interact with customers gaining feedback and gauging interest. Blog themes to match any website are readily available or can be designed quickly to meet a business’ established website.

News: Google Launches Commerce Search 2.0 – June 21st, 2010
In November of 2009, Google launched a new search engine for e-commerce product websites. The service offers customers advanced search functions such as: spell check, synonyms, and query auto completion. With a hefty price tag of $25,000 minimum, this service is targeted to large website businesses. At this time, it is not feasible for most small businesses at this time; however, there may be hope in the future as pricing may come down.

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Selecting the Right Products for Flea Market Business

Purchasing quality wholesale products is necessary for the successful operation of any retail business. The right price, excellent customer service and flexible policies are a must when deciding on a wholesaler. For the flea market entrepreneur, finding the right wholesale products at the right price can mean the difference between success and failure.

Many flea market vendors buy inexpensive wholesale products in bulk and sell them for hefty profit. The key to flea market success is choosing the right product and offering it at the right price. Flea market customers are looking for a bargain. The average shopper is searching for the lowest possible price for the product they are seeking. They want a quality product, but most importantly, they want the best value for their money. Your business is competing with other vendors in the same space. Many flea markets have multiple vendors that sell the same product. This is why it is so important to choose the wholesaler that will give you the best bang for your buck.

Some wholesale products are more popular and profitable than others in the cutthroat world of flea market vending. Small items such as sunglasses, socks and costume jewelry sell very well at flea markets. Seasonal items, such as swimsuits in the summer, back to school items in the fall, holiday products in the winter, and hats and jackets in the spring sell exceptionally well.

Items that are sold for $5 or less attract the customer and encourage them to spend more. When purchasing wholesale products, look for products that can be bought cheaply in bulk. Also, keep the price points as low as possible. Having items in your vendor booth that cost $1 or less is an excellent way to draw crowds to your table and increase your profits. Your booth should be well organized and neat. Set up displays that resemble a brick and mortar store. This will give your business a look of authenticity and have your customers coming back for more.

There are several important factors to look for when choosing the right wholesaler. The first thing to consider is the wholesaler’s minimum order requirement. A good wholesaler will allow small businesses to purchase items in smaller quantities, such as one case, to make sure the product is the right fit for the business owner. The second is shipping costs. These can easily eat into your profits, so it’s a good idea to get the best shipping price available. Some company’s offer free shipping if the customer purchases a certain amount of merchandise. Since wholesale products are often priced by the truckload, prices are lower and more affordable to the retailer. Look for wholesale companies that offer a wide range of products at warehouse prices.

Choosing the right wholesaler is essential to the small business person looking to make a profit. There are wholesale products available for almost anything you want to sell. From back to school items, to name brand clothing, dollar store items to baby supplies, there is no limit on the possibilities of wholesale products available to the ambitious entrepreneur.

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Buy Wholesale Jewelry – Stay Ahead Of The Competition

You can buy wholesale jewelry online from sources that will give you a great profit margin as a reseller, which gives you a great leg up on the competition as well. By being able as an entrepreneur to buy more quantity in bulk, you’ll be able to replenish your supplies, providing customers with the full range of jewelry items more consistently. Your customers can find costume jewelry, fashion jewelry, CZ jewelry, body, and gold jewelry at rock bottom prices from sites such as Dollar Days, which has regular deals to help you save even more.

Buying jewelry at wholesale and bulk prices from a dealer you can trust makes good economic sense. You can save a phenomenal amount of money by doing this–both in an economic downward trend and in a bull market. Get ready to save up to 75% off of shipping costs, and an additional 5% off with Dollar Days’ Platinum Program. You can purchase necklaces, bracelets, silver jewelry, earrings, hatpins, birthstone jewelry, anklets, and more online, from a trusted name in wholesale goods.

Dollar Days sells wholesale because it makes better economic sense for everyone involved. Wholesale jewelry sales are the best option for retailers who want a wide range of items designed for a diverse range of buyers. And because Dollar Days sells such a diverse range of jewelry, almost any retail business that sells jewelry benefits not only from the huge savings, but the diversity of merchandise available as well.

Buying in bulk saves you an incredible amount of money over time. Staying ahead of the competition, saving yourself thousands of dollars, while at the same time being able to offer your customers the widest range of jewelry possible makes good business sense, and will also add to a retailer’s overall reputation and brand recognition in the community or online.

Dollar Days also has accessories and repair items for retail jewelers with an eye toward optimum care and upkeep of their valuable merchandise. You get the full range of wholesale jewelry items with Dollar Days’ money-saving line of decorative items that literally cover your customer’s head to toe in stylish, fun, and complementary jewelry. Being able to offer your customers the accessories that can clean and repair their jewelry also helps keep you one step ahead of most jewelry retailers.

As a leader in wholesale items of all types, Dollar Days’ prices are hard to beat, and you can get an edge on the competition by buying more in bulk–and saving more as well. When you buy wholesale jewelry online, you’re doing yourself and your customers a huge service, by being able to pass the savings onto them as well as yourself!

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Wholesale News Jun 11, 2010

E-Commerce: FREE SEO Tools From Google – Jun 09, 2010
Search engine optimization is essential to the success of any website. If you run an e-commerce website, take advantage of the free SEO tools offered by Google. Some of the features that are available are: Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google Keyword Tool, Google Website Optimizer, Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Traffic Estimator. By using these tools, you can discover what keywords are bringing new visitors to your site, which keywords are converting to sales, which page formats convert best, and the links pointing to your site.

Keeping Things Fresh
Keeping brick and mortar stores looking updated and appealing is a never ending task. If your store starts to look stale, customers will not notice it or be compelled to enter. Changing the look and feel of your store can really help. This article offers some advice on some easy to implement techniques that a store owner can use to dazzle customers and those passing by. To create an atmosphere that the store is fresh and updated might make all the difference.

Picking And Utilizing Your Drop Ship Website Testimonials – Jun 4, 2010
Testimonials on web sales pages has been proven to be an effective sales technique. Choosing the right testimonials to display on your site can mean the difference between gaining your customer’s trust and losing it. You must match testimonials to the product benefits which you are focusing on. Choose testimonials that are both positive and provide useful information. Testimonials that back up your claims are always desirable. To make the testimonials seem real, post the person’s first name and where they live. Be certain to gain the person’s permission to use their testimonial on your site.

E-Commerce: 7 Tips for Success with Pay Per Click – Jun 09, 2010
Pay per click advertising through Google can be an effective method of promoting your website. In order to make the most cost effective use of the advertising, you must know how to use the service effectively. This article provides seven often overlooked tips to maximize the click through rate of your ads. Simple changes such as using capitalization, using numbers in your headlines, and capturing readers’ attention by creating a sense of urgency will improve your results dramatically.

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Top 10 most hilarious things you can buy wholesale

To promote our new monthly give away, we wanted to kick things off by listing our top 10 things to buy wholesale!

Consumers buy wholesale products for a variety of reasons. The best part about wholesale is that if you look hard enough, you can find literally anything. No, really. ANYTHING. Listed below are some of the funniest (yet useful for someone) products you can buy in a wholesale lot. You never know, you may come to realize your life could use a few more crystal toe rings or leather chaps.

10. Buddha Statue

Buy a box of these and you’ll never run out of meditative guardians again.
Buddha Statue

9. Lawn Mowing Garden Gnome

Keep the box of spares in the attic. When the grandkids come over to play, keep in mind that there’s nothing creepier than discovering a box of spare garden gnomes staring at you. That will teach them to stay out of the attic.
Garden Gnome

8. LovRub Survival Kit

For the couple who are hiking the Appalachian Trail for the honeymoon.
Love Rub

7. Colorful Crystal Toe Rings

For the fortune teller in your life. You tip your mail man and hair dresser around the holiday’s, don’t leave out the woman who is responsible for your “long, lustrous life!”
Toe Ring

6. Buffalo Leather Motorcycle Chaps
A lifetime supply of leather chaps is necessary for any certified motorcycle hound. Maybe purchase a set of the next size up as well JUST IN CASE.

5. Tree Spirit Birdhouse

Don’t force all the birds in your backyard to stuff themselves in one tree spirit’s mouth. Buy a whole box and place one on each tree. If you’re nice, leave some out there for squirrel’s, too.

4. Stylish Gold Tanktop

Why buy wholesale? In case you shake your groove thing a little too hard. Or better yet, have a polyester party with your girls and hit the town in, um… style.
gold tank top

3. Natural Bra

Staple these into your skimpy tops and you’ll never have to worry about lack of support again. Thank you wholesale.
natural bra

2. Ninja Sword

Who doesn’t need 50 of these?
ninja sword

1. Antler Ball

Explanations will not do this justice. Described as “your true wildlife decor,” it is no longer difficult for the outdoor man to find as many decorative table center pieces for each of his hunting cabins as he needs. We shall dictate this the winner of hilarity.
Antler ball

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Keeping things Fresh

For owners of brick and mortar stores, keeping things from seeming stale can be difficult. One creative way of making the store appear new and fresh is by rotating stock often – bring those goods that may be on back shelves to the front. For instance, if you are in the clothing business, changing up the displays will create a new look and feel to the business. The same concept applies with regard to your Internet store front. Keep changing things up, switching around the product and constantly striving to have a fresh look – your customers will appreciate it and may even notice something that they missed the last time they shopped.

How do you know which products were rotated and when? It can be a daunting task to constantly be moving inventory and shifting products since most small businesses do not have the staff or resources to make things happen. There is a fairly simple recipe for the success of moving product if you have a brick and mortar store: color code everything (For those on the internet, Google trends may help you figure out what products should occupy that enviable spot on your homepage during certain times of year).

For instance, all products introduced in January could be coded with blue dots. When February rolls around, switch out products and color code those for February with red dots and so on. At the end of the year or a six-month timeframe, if the blue dot merchandise hasn’t sold, consider marking it down for “clearance” because the odds of selling it now are diminishing, especially if it is seasonal merchandise.

Change is a very good thing for any small business, especially when the perception of your customers is that your inventory is fresh and evolving. Change implies movement and folks like to do business with a company that is on the move.

If your small business cannot afford to constantly be introducing new goods and services, take heart! A little change in your appearance will dazzle your customers – just make sure to have a whole lot of dots on hand so you’ll know where you have been and where you need to be.

How do you give the appearance that your store is constantly fresh and provides a wide offering of merchandise?

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