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Small Businesses Go Green to Save Green

Reducing your carbon footprint can save your small business money in a number of different days. The carbon footprint of your small business is measured in the amount of carbon dioxide it emits in its usual course of business. With the increased public awareness of the effects of greenhouse gases, your small business can not only save money through the application of green technologies, but you can also reap the benefits of advertising that your business is eco-friendly.

Savvy consumers know that they can purchase their electricity from companies that are inherently eco-friendly such as those that utilize wind turbines or solar power or those that “buy back” their carbon usage through planting trees. These consumers will also choose your business over your competition if you can show the same concern for the environment.

The low-hanging fruit on the carbon footprint tree are the obvious things. According to the US Department of Energy, new lighting technologies can reduce lighting energy consumption by 50% to 75%. Replace fluorescent lights with either compact fluorescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes to maximize savings. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are tremendously efficient, long lasting, and emit a high quality of light.

Trade in your old electronics for new, energy efficient appliances. Many appliances qualify for an energy rebate at tax time. If you have a kitchen for employee use, consider purchasing a new refrigerator and microwave oven. Turn computers and lights off before leaving for the day. Set your computers for a short “sleep-cycle”. A computer will automatically go to sleep after a set amount of time. Set this time to the lowest setting, as the computer is more energy efficient when it is in sleep mode. Paint the walls a light color. Not only will it brighten the space and your mood, it requires less energy to maintain the temperature of light walls than dark. Set the thermostats at 72 degrees in the summer to save on cooling costs and reset them to 68 degrees in the winter to cut heating costs.

Does your business print marketing materials such as sales flyers, product leaflets, or newsletters? Consider going paperless. Not only will you save money on your marketing budget, but also you will be able to keep your materials fresh by simply updating your web site. In today’s Internet-based society, your customers will appreciate having all of your information at their fingertips, and they will appreciate your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Wholesale Week in Review (July 30)

Sales tax debate flares up on Capitol Hill – July 29, 2010


Members of congress are meeting to discuss the Delahunt bill which mandates that e-commerce retailers collect and pay sales tax on items sold online. Proponents of the bill state that online retailers have a price advantage over traditional brick and mortar stores which presents an environment of unfair competition. A resolution which opposes the Delahunt bill has been introduced by Rep. Paul Hodes (D, NH) which holds that any federal legislation which restricts the internet’s open environment will hurt consumers and ultimately, the economy. Online retailers have differing opinions regarding the burden tax collection might have on their online conversions.

EEC Launches YouTube Marketer Education Channel – July 29, 2010


The Email Experience Council of the Direct Marketing Association launches a channel on YouTube directed at direct marketers in email campaigns. Episodes include email marketing best practices, emailing for branding, and analytics for email marketing. The content is educational, entertaining and engaging to the viewers. Additional professionally produced educational videos will be added to the initial listings in the future. Check out their Channel on YouTube.

Top-end Wholesale Goods, with a Woman’s Touch – July 27, 2010


Eve Nober of DLM is no stranger to the retail clothing business, After a career as a buyer and manufacturer of a clothing line, she decided to start her own business as a high end retail jobber. DLM acquires overstock and liquidation merchandise from major retail chains. Each item is hand inspected for quality; only the best quality items are offered to DLM customers. Their selection of top quality merchandise simply cannot be beat with big brand names such as BCBG: Max Azria, Helmut, Juicy Couture, True Meaning, Perry Ellis, and 7 for All Mankind. Customers may visit the DLM showroom to pull items or purchase lots for shipment via UPS.

Get Creative With Cross Selling to Increase Dropship Profits – July 25, 2010


Using cross selling techniques has long been an effective tactic to increase the return on investment of any sale. Cross selling is founded on the idea that a customer already in a frame of mind to buy, will likely buy more if given the right incentive. Listed are some tips for effectively cross selling to increase drop ship or website sales: Choose accessories which complement the primary item being purchased; Use loss leader items to attract customers and then introduce a target product; Bundle items together in photos to create a perception that the items should naturally be purchased together.

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5 things you’re wasting your money on

Frugal living is as much about what we spend our money on, as it is how to reduce the amount we spend. Common sense will tell us to clip coupons, shop sales ads, and buy generic brands as much as possible. But because life is hectic, our need for convenience can sometimes get in the way of common sense.

Let’s look at 5 things you’re wasting your money on. Chances are, you are spending your hard earned money on these very things.

Books. Why is anyone paying full price for books anymore? There is just no need. With all the book swapping and auction sites online, you can get gently used books for a fraction of the price of new ones. Buying books by your favorite author in lots is also a great way to save money. If a book you already have is included in the lot, sell it and earn a little extra money!

Convenience snacks. Anyone with kids has, at some point, broke down and bought the convenience snacks at the store. They are just so darn convenient, we forget that they are a big waste of money. Instead, buy one large box of snacks and a box of Ziploc bags and make individual portions. This applies to cookies, crackers, candy, pretzels, chips, etc.

Coffee. Yes, coffee is delicious and a necessity for almost all of us. But, do you really need to grab that $ 4.00 cup of specialty coffee at the local cafe? Even if you only treat yourself every other day, that still totals roughly $ 60.00 each month on coffee. Instead, invest in a good travel mug and brew your own at home.

Warranties on inexpensive items. Most stores offer warranties on everything you buy. Toys R Us even offers a warranty on Slip N’ Slides! Paying for these warranties is a complete waste of money, especially when you consider most people pay for them and never even use them. Unless your purchase is costly, skip the warranty altogether.

Now it’s your turn! Tell us what you stopped buying and how it’s helped.

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Stock Up on Back to School Backpacks

August is coming, the school year is close, have you stocked up on your DollarDays backpacks? We highlight great DollarDays deals every week. And this week, we’re telling you, you’ve gotta have our backpacks. Well made, and school-ready, make sure that your store is chock-full DollarDays wholesale backpacks today.

Today and tomorrow only, DollarDays is offering $3 wholesale backpacks. So rush on over and make sure to stock up before the school year begins.

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How to Put Your Business Online

We live in an online world. More businesses are offering e-commerce solutions with every passing day, and even for businesses that operate entirely offline, a website demonstrates legitimacy to customers. Faced with these realities, small business owners are sometimes intimidated at the thought of setting up a website. While the cost of web development is a one-time investment, monthly hosting plans often seem more threatening.

Fortunately, the majority of small businesses can avoid these fees entirely through the use of cheap web hosting. While hosing plans can be astronomically expensive, most baisc, cheap hosting solutions are perfectly adequate to meet the needs of small (and larger) businesses.

To establish a website online, one needs a domain and a hosting account. The domain is simply the website’s address. Anything ending with “.com,” “.org,” and any similar suffix is a domain. These can be purchased at domain clearing houses like GoDaddy. After you buy a domain, you’ll need a place to put it – you ned a place to have your site hosted. Basically, when hosting is purchased, it is nothing mroe than buying space on a computer.

Hosing is available from multiple companies. If you buy your domains on GoDaddy, you can buy cheap hosting there as well. Additionally, you could buy hosting at places like WestHost, FatCow, or HostGator. All of these hosting solutions are cheap (as low as $4 a month), and their service offerings are comparable.

A website’s legitimacy comes in part from its design and in part from simply having a recognizable domain suffix. Users browsing a company’s website have no idea what kind of plan the website is hosted under. As long as the website ends in a familiar domain suffix, the user gains the sense that the website is trustworthy and professional.

This approach is guaranteed to save a small business more money without sacrificing any quality in their online presence.

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Week In Review – July 23, 2010

URL Shorteners and Facebook – Why Marketers Need Their Own – July 19th, 2010


The use of free URL shortener services such as tinyURL and bit.ly are being frowned upon by Facebook effective June 2010. Some of the links have been broken. According to a post one the Facebook blog in June, the use of the free URL shortener links are often used by spammers to bombard Fecebook members with unwanted messages. Adding new links may require entering characters though a CAPTCHA authenticator to ensure that the links are not being entered by means of automated software. The use of branded URL links is the best way to get around the problem and maintain credibility with Facebook followers.

Survey Says: Back to School Sales in 2010 Will Reach Record High – Jul 20, 2010


Back to school sales are historically a time for retailers to boost revenues after the slow summer months. Projections for this year’s back to school spending published by the International Council of Shopping Centers indicate that 2010 may boast the highest back to school season in three years. The strengthening of the economy higher consumer spending back up this data. This time of year is a good time to sell electronics, clothing, sports equipment, as well as school supplies, calculators, and backpacks.

Starting Up Your Online Dropship or Wholesale Business Website – July 21st, 2010


Anyone whose business is at the point of needing a website should follow these eight insightful tips to get the ball rolling without taking on too much too soon. Knowing what you want is the first step and often the most difficult question to answer. After that, new website developers should realize that the project will most likely take more time and money than anticipated. Websites are put together in pieces and take time and planning to put together. After the website is built, anticipate that routine updating and improvements will be necessary.

ASD Las Vegas 2010: Huge Buyers and Sellers, Huge Show – July 23, 2010


Wholesalers and suppliers will come together from August 8-11 for a huge trade show in Las Vegas, NV. Taking some time to attend the show offers opportunities for networking as well as valuable information about sales trends, pricing strategies, and current retail and wholesale environments. Seminars will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on August 9 and 10. The show promises to house the largest assortment of retailers and wholesale products under one roof in the country.

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How to save money shopping for college school supplies

College is an exciting time for everyone. For most young people, it is the first time they will be living away from home. It’s also the first time many will have to pay their own way in life, and have the responsibility of college-related bills. There’s a lot more to college than just tuition! Today we’ll look at how to save money shopping for back to school supplies college style.

Buy in bulk. There are a lot of things that can be purchased in bulk as students get ready to go to college. Pens, Notebooks and erasers are all good staples – get it? Staples…

Textbooks. Aside from tuition, textbooks are the most expensive supplies for college you will encounter. Before you pay full price for a textbook, do a little online research. Find out if the textbook you need is available as an e-book. If so, you can save up to 50% for the price of the book. Also, see if renting your textbook is an option. Another way to save money is to see if your college textbook is available for a free download online; some of them are, so it’s worth looking into.

Computer. Every college student will need a computer. To save money, find out if your college offers a student discount by purchasing the computer through them. Some college campuses offer refurbished computers at a deep discount. Another option is to check into student programs offered by computer manufacturers, such as Dell, HP, and Apple. Oftentimes, you can even delay payments until after graduation.

Buy a discount card. A discount card for students can be used to save money on virtually everything you will need for college. You’ll pay a one time fee for the card, but then it can be used to save money on food, school supplies, clothing, computers, and much more. Check out websites like Student Advantage to find out more about this great money-saving discount card.

Barter. Never underestimate what you bring to the table. What skill do you have that can be used to barter for school supplies you need? Place an ad in the classifieds stating your desire to barter goods. Perhaps you are a skilled typist who could offer to type research papers for a used textbook. If you don’t have a particular skill, barter something material that you no longer use.

Buy away from college. Don’t purchase supplies at the school bookstore, as prices are typically higher there. Instead, stock up on supplies while you’re still at home. Buy in bulk and then store your supplies in a lockable container, to prevent them from being stolen or ‘borrowed’ without your permission.

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Own a Business? Get Networking!

Small business may be the heart of our economy, but anyone who owns one can tell you it’s hard work. Many small business owners do everything themselves, from janitorial duties to operations to marketing and accounting. If you want your business to grow, but your budget doesn’t compare to the big boys, what is a little company to do?

Have you tried networking? If you have never heard of this skill, there is no better time to learn than now.

Networking means getting to know lots of people, treating everyone with dignity and respect, and working together so you both benefit. It really is that simple. If you master this talent, you can build business exponentially.

How does it work?

First, be social. Attend business events, seminars, SBA training workshops–anything that offers you the chance to meet new people. It can even be a bowling night for you and your family so long as you also encounter new people.

Some are intimidated by the idea of having to actively seek out new acquaintances, but there is a simple solution in these numbers. Remember the code: 3-2-3. Meet three new people, learn two things about them, follow up three days later. There is no need to hunt for a new best friend; simply shake hands, exchange a few facts about yourselves, and then send an email or note later to say you enjoyed meeting that person.

Why meet all these people? Because you now have a network of contacts who do all kinds of things, know all types of information, and who can help you when you need it. Further, you are advertising your own business free of charge!

Now that you are expanding your network, you are getting to the heart of commerce. Most businesses keep tight budgets, and they can’t always write a check for what they need. This is the time to pull out your address book and see who can trade services or the occasional favor. You both get something you need, and you both keep your cash flow under control.

Last, seek first to give, and second to receive. People know the difference between working together and being used. Always offer help first before asking for it back.

Once you start, you will learn that networking is simple, fun and profitable. You might even end up with a few great friends.

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Week in Review, July 16

Wholesale Closeouts that Make the Cut – July 10, 2010


Grey Eagle Trader company specializes in closeout merchandise. Eagle Trader’s merchandise is fun, diversified, and well priced. The company does offer online sales with the option to pick up merchandise at their showroom. The showroom is open Monday through Friday for buyers to view the selection and quality of the merchandise. Special bulk discounts are available when purchases are made over the phone, so be certain to call before ordering.

Survey Says: Amazon is Eating eBay’s Lunch – Jul 13, 2010


According to information released by Citi Investment Research and Analysis, Amazon’s US traffic growth significantly outperformed that of eBay. In fact, if the trends in eBay’s US traffic continue, it will soon be in third place behind Craigslist.com. Factors impacting eBay’s falling traffic include transitions to the new pricing policies and to new search algorithms. Continued migration of buyers and sellers from eBay is expected to continue based on unreliable search results in eBay listings as well as new policies which include a significantly higher number of store items in the regular search results.

Sandra Bullock, and the Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Marketplace? – July 14, 2010


Silicone watches are hot items. Just take note of the hot debate sparked by Sandra Bullock’s appearance in the movie, The Blind Side, wearing just such as watch. These items are moving fast. With inventory items easily be obtained from a number of sources, sellers are stocking up. One seller that provides a large selection is Judson and Company Wholesale Fashion Jewelry. Judson offers a selection of quality items at a variety of price points. Sellers are sure to find just what they need. Judson also offers fashion sunglasses, hair accessories, and a complete assortment of college jewelry.

Wholesale Prices Drop 0.5 Percent In June – Jul. 15, 2010


For the third month in a row, wholesale prices fell. Coupled with falling fuel prices and the largest drop in food prices in eight years, inflation in the US is staying flat allowing the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates low. However, concerns that lower prices may have a negative long term impact on the economy. Sellers may have a more difficult time passing through price increases to boost revenues as the economic growth within the US remains sluggish.

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Back to School Shopping Tips

Back to school. Back to shopping. Back to spending. Back to headaches. Why not avoid the headaches this year and save a little money doing it as well?

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure
Garage sales, thrift stores, consignment shops and flea markets comprise the 21st-century rendition of the Island of Misfit Toys. They are renowned for containing treasures at bargain-basement prices. Designer clothing, gymnasium equipment, musical instruments, office supplies and the like are simply waiting to be hawked away. Laura T. Coffey of MSNBC, writes: “On certain days of the week, some thrift stores allow you to fill an entire bag with clothing and buy it for $3 or $4.” What a back to school bargain.

Dial It Up
Online shopping has long been known as back to school bargain alternatives to traditional shopping, forever altering the schematics of shopping. Buying clothes and textbooks online are – well, textbook back to school shopping tips. If you’re looking for a place to find great bargains…I think DollarDays knows just the place ;)

Think Tax-Free
In some localities, governments host tax-free holidays. In an era of 6-10% sales taxes, this can lead to hundreds of dollars in savings, especially as the average mom spends $1,200 per child for back-to-school needs. Find out more about tax-free holidays

Fight the Man
Forgive the 60’s mantra, but the flower children may very well have been onto something. Brand names – Hollister™, Abercrombie™, Nike™, etc. – are designed to do one thing: make the wearer feel more important. Teach children something about personal security and don’t bedeck them in expensive apparel just to “fit in.” You can find great cheap clothes to fit your kids at great prices if you know the right places to shop.

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