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Wholesale Backpacks – Cheap Wholesale School Backpacks

DollarDays’ wholesale backpacks can be used to go back to school or even travel the world. We have sold over one million backpacks because our products are below wholesale prices, and our quality sends the competition packing. Whether your a store trying to increase your margins, or a charity using these backpacks to help underpriveleged kids, DollarDays can make it easier by helping you find the right backpack at the right price.

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Liquidating Slow Moving Stock

Most small business owners understand that inventory is an asset, but few understand what role the daily cost of money plays in reducing the value of that asset over time. Small business owners need inventory to sell in order to meet customer demands, improve customer loyalty and capture sales. While it’s understood that inventory is an important part of business success, a number of small business owners often become too attached to their inventory. What does this mean? Simply put, a number of small business owners are reluctant to do what it takes to liquidate slow moving product. They retain original values to the inventory regardless of how long it’s held and rarely take the time to understand how the cost of money reduces the value of that inventory over time. Instead, they see the value of the inventory as constant and are therefore unable to reconcile selling the inventory for lower than its original cost. What they lack is an understanding of how the cost of money reduces that value. So, what is the cost of money and how does it reduce the value of inventory?

The Cost of Money Plays an Important Role in Inventory Value

Most businesses finance their inventory with loans or credit lines. Like any loan, business loans have a yearly interest rate that borrowers must pay for being able to draw upon cash reserves. When it comes to understanding the daily cost of money, it amounts to taking this yearly interest rate and dividing it by the 365 days in year. Doing this will provide businesses with their daily interest rate. Since inventory is financed through this daily interest rate, every day inventory is held and not sold is a direct cost of inventory. Hold onto inventory for too long and the costs simply add up. When looking at your inventory, ask yourself the following questions.

  • What is my yearly interest rate on business loans and credit lines?
  • What is my daily interest rate and cost of money?
  • How much of my inventory is slow moving?
  • What is the daily cost of not selling that slow moving inventory?

When looking at your inventory, understand that its value changes over time. It can never retain its original value. When thinking about slow moving inventory, think about how retailers immediately liquidate their inventory at the end of a given season. If they don’t, they’ll retain that inventory for too long and its value will eventually erode to an even bigger loss.

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Wholesale Products

These 18 wheelers are carrying all kinds of wholesale products. DollarDays has always given you wholesale, truckload prices. But instead of paying for the whole truck, you pay by the case – saving you money while increasing your selection with over 100,000 wholesale products. So don’t get run over with large minimums and limited selection. Let DollarDays be your one-stop wholesale retailer.

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Week in Review (October 15)

5 Common Start-Up Mistakes and How to Avoid Them – October 11, 2010


WholesaleMatch provides new business owners five of the most common errors when starting an online business and offers solutions to ensure these errors do not occur. New owners should have a blueprint of the big picture and focus of the business and not become bogged down by the smaller, daily operating tasks. A reasonable budget must be set as most new owners tend to underestimate the start-up costs of an online business. Systems should be set into place on how to deal with orders, inquiries, and inventory to streamline the business and assist with the training of possible future employees. A rewards system should be set into place so that the new business owner is able to meet and celebrate realistic goals. And it is important to not become so focused on work that family and friends become secondary to the job as they should, in fact, be a support to the business owner.

Consumer Situation Shows Some ImprovementUpdate – October 12, 2010


The October 2010 Consumer Reports Index has found that the only retail categories to see even a small percentage of growth over the past month were personal electronics and small appliances. However, holiday sales are expected to increase 2.3%, which is a marked improvement from the past two years. The most optimistic consumers are those in the 18-34 year old age bracket while the most pessimistic consumers are those in the 35-64 and 65+ age brackets.

Get Your Dropship Business Ready for the Ho-Ho-Holidays – October 12, 2010


To take advantage of the holiday increase in consumer activity, small online retailers may want to heed the following suggestions. Offer one great deal that customers cannot resist for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Designate a loss leader in order to entice buyers to the site and hopefully create more sales. Begin advertising with coupons, promotions, newsletters and the like. Be sure the website is easy to maneuver and running smoothly in anticipation of increased traffic. And begin to establish a holiday theme for the website, marketing platform and item descriptions appropriate to the holidays.

How To One Up Your Online Business Competition – October 13, 2010


WholesaleMatch offers four traits to give a small online business owner an edge over the competition. Using social networks like Twitter and Facebook to advertise and boost customer service is key, especially as consumers of all demographics are now engaged in social networking. Being properly indexed by search engines such as Google can help to be sure a business is listed in the top ten when consumers are searching appropriate keywords. Offering unbiased advice and tutorial videos on the website offers customers confidence in the product and the seller. Creating a strong online presence is imperative with an increase in small businesses expanding to offer online products and services.

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A Frugal Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a great time for family to gather and share love, laughs, and great food. It can also be a time where great amounts of money can be spent if you’re not careful. Lots of people want to get on the road for travel; others may choose the air. Many other people want to host the gatherings and buy tons of food. That may be fine for all of those that actually want to do those things. You may be frugal if you don’t fall into that category. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s still possible to have a frugal Thanksgiving that’s exciting and joyous with a little creativity.

The first line of defense against overspending starts with the travel. You obviously need to check to see if it would be cheaper to fly than it would be to drive. Sometimes you may be pleasantly surprised. You can be certain that tickets will be quite costly on the day before Thanksgiving. You need to consider your vacation time. If you have at least vacation time you can fly in earlier. It would give you more time to spend with the family, and you may even find cheaper tickets.

If you make the choice to drive, on the other hand, you will need to look for different ways to save. Take the time to pack snacks, beverages, and sandwiches during your travel. You could stop several times and you might find yourself paying several dollars for a candy bar, lottery ticket, and a bag of chips just because it’s convenient. The inconvenience of so-called convenience stores can really take a toll on your wallet. Don’t travel without any awareness of what you’re spending. It’s easy to lose track of what you’re spending when you’re on the road, but you can maximize your savings by heading directly to your destination. Resist the urge to take the detours for the sake of shopping. You’re in town to enjoy the company of family and friends. You’re already spending money with a road trip. There’s no need to add an unnecessary items to your travel expenses.

If you’re in the same city as your family members you should consider yourself lucky. You don’t have to worry about traveling, but you may spend just as much time and money if you’re hosting. It’s hard to save if you’re hosting, but it’s still possible. The most important thing involves obtaining a count. This helps you reduce the possibility of buying and preparing more than you actually need.

Once you have determined the number of guests you should take the time to delegate. A good way to save here involves getting family members to bring dishes. Others can bring beverages. This helps you cut down your cost tremendously. Take the load off yourself by making a joint effort with family. This will help you enjoy Thanksgiving without the stress of preparing huge meals and spending large sums of money that you may not necessarily possess.

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How to Advertise without Advertising

Whatever the business, one thing is certain: people are becoming increasingly immune to direct solicitation. Ads are simply tuned out or DVRed away. No news there. Break through the clutter twelve times and a consumer MIGHT register the advertisement — doesn’t mean they will buy; just means they will remember it.

To be successful, businesses must advertise without advertising.

1. Entertainment. Zipit created a new age advertising campaign of legend when they hired Youtube sensation Fred to make short episodes of his online show that showcased the texting tool. (View it here.) Reportedly, they paid him in the mid five digits and enjoyed a 1000% sales increase. Businesses without that kind of money should take more note of the method: Find someone within the company with charisma, buy a $500 HD video camera, and do it guerilla style.

2. Expert Status. An essential component of any online campaign, especially those of small business, is the blogosphere’s perception of that business. The new word of mouth is done on messageboards and in forums. Time and manpower should be focused on finding, joining, and becoming known in these forums, and writing expert level articles on business topics to be published online. Businesses can place links in their signature or in their profile, and if the messages and articles are good, people will click on those links of their own free will, without direct coercion. If a business has time, it should start its own blog.

3. Free Stuff. However unwarranted, people like and expect free stuff. This isn’t necessarily all bad — giving away things showcases a business’ confidence and financial security. The trick is to never give away the same thing that is being sold, and to keep the giveaways relevant. The calendars and pens are overlooked and unappreciated these days. Put the business logo on products that draw the service to top of mind. (If the business sells nails, give away the hammer with the business logo on it.)

Indirect advertising works wonders where direct advertising only annoys. Successful businesses will continue to innovate not only their products and services, but also their advertising. Good luck in your business endeavors!

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Week in Review (October 8)

Advertising Made Easy for Your Wholesale Business – October 4, 2010


For those new to the internet wholesale business, three advertising tips are offered to help bring a particular business to the forefront. Be sure to use 21st Century advertising techniques as opposed to a more antiquated technique like cold-calling. Consider using paid search advertising such as banner ads to reach a wider population. Join a trade or industry organization to learn from more experienced business owners and operators as well as to circulate your name and business.

E-retailers Capture More than a Third of All Halloween Consumers – October 5, 2010


Internet Retailer recently conducted a poll and found that 35% of all consumers who purchase Halloween merchandise will do so online, with the average shopper spending between $25 and $100. The largest consumer demographic, at 46%, is 18-34 year olds. Shoppers are attracted to online sellers for convenience, selection, lower prices, and the ability to comparison shop. The largest incentive to purchase from a particular seller is a free shipping offer.

The Secret to Setting Great Prices… and Still Making Money – October 6, 2010


Appropriate and competitive pricing is essential to running a profitable business. A variety of pricing options are offered for consideration depending upon the business and its inventory. Cost-based pricing is a simple method for small internet retailers while competition-based pricing may be more effective if time to research is not an issue. Penetration pricing may be an option for some new sellers, and price bundling can be a way to move slow-selling inventory.

EBay Buyer Protection: What It Is And What It Means For Buyers And Sellers – October 7, 2010


Ebay has recently streamlined its buyer protection and customer service process in order to provide greater assurance to both buyers and sellers. If an issue between buyer and seller arises, the first step is to contact the other party and try to keep the issue between the two parties. If a resolution is not achieved in a timely fashion, ebay customer service should be contacted so as to act as a mediator between the two parties. If the issue is not resolved but the item is covered under buyer protection, ebay will refund the full purchase price. Though there are a few exceptions, the buyer protection plan covers all items purchased through an approved online credit card processing company.

Social Media Marketing Tips for your Dropship Business – October 7, 2010


Social media marketing is an efficient and fairly simple way to market a business; however, tips are offered to ensure that it is being used correctly. The seller should have a goal/purpose for using social media marketing, compose informative and engaging posts or tweets, be aware of the target audience, be authentic, and comment on other posts by tactfully offering advice in areas of expertise.

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Homemade Halloween Decorations

While it’s possible to spend an arm and a leg on Halloween decorations to give your home a spooky, scary appearance during the month of October, you can be creative and frugal at the same time by using items that you already have around your house to get your friends and family in the Halloween mood.

The colors that scream “Halloween!” include black, white and orange. Drape black and orange streamers from across interior doorways. Cut out black bats, orange jack o’lanterns and white ghosts out of construction paper and dangle the shapes from the streamers with yarn or thread. For extra fun, print and cut out images of black cats, witches on broomsticks or haunted houses that you find online.

If you have an old quilt or comforter, take out some of the batting and separate it into strands to use as faux spider webs. Hang these in the corners of your home and add cheap plastic spiders or spiders that you have made out of black chenille stems.

Make translucent ghosts to hang on an outdoor tree during dry weather. Blow up one small (2″) balloon for each ghost. Unfold gauze from your first aid kit and drape it loosely over the balloon. Paint with a mixture of white glue and water, and add more gauze if necessary. Allow the glue to dry overnight, then draw on spooky features with a permanent marker. Pop the balloon and remove, and hang from branches with fishing line or clear thread.

As it gets close to Halloween, your local fabric shop may put the Halloween-themed fabric on sale. If yours does, pick up a couple of yards of a cotton blend. Hand- or machine-stitch a hem on each side and use as a tablecloth on the days leading up to Halloween. Once the holiday has passed, put the tablecloth away and remember to bring it out next year. You will have a Halloween tablecloth that you can use year after year for roughly the same price that you would have spent on a cheap vinyl one that you would likely throw away.

Decorate your table with glass jars filled with plastic bugs, spiders made from chenille stems or gummy worms. Place black, orange or white candles on the table. Another option is to carve jack o’lanterns and use these to decorate your dining table for a few days. You will need to place them outside after a couple of days have passed in order to keep them fresh for Halloween.

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Small Business in the Fall

If you own a small business, then you need to do everything possible to get noticed. After all, businesses are opening up left and right. To be noticed, it is important to really get your name out there. This means running promotions that lure people into your organization and taking the time to make and maintain a budget. The following are some tips for how to promote and market your business so that its profile increases.

First off, get in the mood for fall and really tailor your promotions to suit the season. For example, invite people into your business by offering them pumpkin-spice lattes or warm apple cider. The details really matter when it comes time to lure potential clients or customers into your store. Half the battle is just getting people to make the time to see what you have to offer. This means that you should decorate your store so that it has Halloween-inspired items around it or so that you play with the fall foliage theme. Such details will make your store or business stand out and will really make people feel at home when they walk in.

Additionally, be sure to customize your fliers and coupons so that people remember them. For example, you could put black cat clip art on the corners of coupons, or you could include a nice seasonal greeting on the tops of fliers. People like to think that such promotional materials were made with them in mind. The smallest of gestures can really have some great results.

Lastly, make sure that your business has some sort of online presence. You want to make sure that your website is easy to read, informative, and has incentives like coupon codes or promotion information. Personalize the website by changing it slightly to reference the changing seasons, too. This could be something small like placing a small pumpkin in the corner of each webpage, or it could mean including a special message at checkout or on the website’s homepage.

The details matter when it comes to your small business. Be smart about the promotions, decorations, and website design so that you personalize your business and make it stand out amongst the competition. It is important to consider the details so that people notice you. Make the most of the seasons and really consider them when shaping your promotional materials. Every decision counts when it comes to building your business!

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Wholesale Week in Review – (October 1)

Simple Ways to Get a Five-Star DSR Rating for Your EBay Business – September 27, 2010


Achieving a five-star descriptive seller rating should be a priority to any ebay business owner. Ratings are awarded in four categories: items as described, communication, ship time, and shipping and handling. Three suggestions on how to achieve five-star ratings and the incentive discount on Final Value Fees that can accompany them are to communicate with buyers, avoid trying to make money on shipping, and thank customers for their business.

Helpful E-Commerce Tips – Selling Tips Online – September 27, 2010


The goal of any online business should be to create a positive shopping experience for the buyer. Tips for selling online products include providing enticing images of new and featured products, avoiding unnecessary animation that slows down the site, utilizing a strong search engine, offering multiple payment options, and keeping clicks to a minimum so that customers do not have to browse through more than four pages in order to find or buy an item.

Twitter Social Networking Success Stories For Small Business – September 29, 2010


Twitter, also thought of as “digital-word-of-mouth,” can be a simple, inexpensive and effective method of enticing and communicating with potential buyers. To begin, one only needs to set up a free Twitter account and have friends become a part of his following. A business owner that can build a Twitter following can create a poll to better understand customers or advertise a special promotion in seconds. And as positive relationships are formed with current customers, a larger following and greater success is sure to follow.

Home Dropship Business Start-Up Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make – September 29, 2010


Though a dropship business can be started rather quickly and inexpensively, there are three common mistakes that new buisness owners are prone to make. To save time and money when starting a dropship business, be sure to have a thorough plan in regards to the website, products, and advertising; mark up items from the wholesale cost in order to make a worthwhile profit and not just a lot of sales; and, only do what is necessary to start the business so as to avoid excess stress by trying to accomlish too much as a new business owner.

Why You Should Use Email Marketing for Your Dropship Business – September 30, 2010


Statistics show that email marketing yields the largest return on a seller’s investment. To start an email marketing strategy for a dropship business, the seller should first provide a subscription form on the website as well as an incentive for a buyer to subscribe. Once a satisfactory subscription list has been compiled, the seller can begin to send out newsletters and promotional emails to bring buyers back to the site. It is highly recommended to send out promotions around holidays, not forgetting the more minor holidays as they too can be money-making opportunities.

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