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Homeless for the Holidays: How Nonprofits are Helping

homelssWith the holiday season approaching, many have already begun to plan their trip home, eager to reconvene with family and friends. For some, however, the holidays can seem more isolating than joyful. Roughly 610,042 people currently live in homelessness throughout the nation, resulting in some Americans spending the holidays hungry, alone, and exposed to freezing temperatures.

How Nonprofits are Helping the Community

For those burdened by cold, lonesome nights on the street, wintertime can feel as desolate as it is dangerous. With nearly 700 homeless people dying from hypothermia every winter, providing warmth and shelter is critical this time of year. In an effort to combat these stark realities, homeless shelters will be stockpiling clothing, socks, sleeping bags, tents, and blankets to distribute to those in need.

DollarDays remains committed to helping nonprofit organizations thrive year-round by continuing to offer exceptionally low rates on wholesale food and supplies. In a determined effort to keep people warm and dry, DollarDays will be donating 1,000 fleece blankets to a nonprofit organization that will be nominated by its supporters. Visit their Facebook page for details.

Local school districts will be getting involved as well by hosting food, clothing, and toy drives to amass as many resources as possible. Food banks and soup kitchens will be passing out nutritious groceries and hot meals to the hungry in order to guarantee nobody goes without food.

Given nonprofits will be working overtime in an effort to cater to all those in need, purchasing bulk food and materials is integral to trimming both their budget and labor. With the help of cheap wholesale goods and loyal volunteers, nonprofits can greatly improve the lives of those less fortunate and help to spread some needed holiday joy.

How Nonprofits are Helping Children

Children are the most vulnerable demographic this time of year because they are the most susceptible to hypothermia and seasonal illness. Shockingly, approximately 1 in 45 children will face homelessness at some point in the year, a disturbing number that has been on the rise since 2010. Childhood is a critical time in which the minds, values, and self-esteem are first formed. Because of this, it’s particularly important that all children are given the love, care, and attention they need to flourish.

That’s why organizations like the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities work so hard to ensure that all children living in poverty or homelessness get the Christmas they deserve. They plan to distribute thousands of toys to children and will require ample resources to make that a reality. Organizations such as these rely heavily on donations and the availability of wholesale toys and gifts. By purchasing toys in bulk, it enables them to reach out to more people and make the most of their limited budget.

Though not everyone is so fortunate to have a warm home, food, and family for the holidays, there are things that can be done to improve living conditions for all people. With the help of nonprofits, dedicated volunteers, and the affordability of wholesale merchandise, Americans can collaborate in bringing the gift of warmth, food, and kindness to the country’s most vulnerable populations.

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Relax this Holiday Season with Easy Wholesale Shopping

mallWith the holiday season crawling closer, many people are once again finding themselves buried beneath a seemingly endless list of tasks and chores. Amid the extensive shopping and planning that Thanksgiving and Christmas entail, the holidays tend to feel like more of an encumbrance than a vacation.

In fact, a survey has shown that people, on average, feel a significant increase in stress over the holidays, rather than the decrease that should be associated with a break from work. Time and money are the two key factors that contribute to the added stress. The vast shopping excursions that accompany the holidays can impose considerable time-constraints on the already hectic lives of Americans. Additionally, it’s the most expensive time of the year, with people reportedly spending around $801 on Christmas gifts alone.

Fortunately, there is a way that you can save both time and money this holiday season, allowing you to treat yourself to some well-deserved relaxation. By purchasing wholesale Christmas gifts from sites like DollarDays, you can do the majority of your shopping from the comfort of your couch, all the while avoiding the mayhem of the malls.

Buying wholesale is great for:

  • Office parties
  • Neighborhood parties
  • School activities
  • Church events
  • Large family gatherings
  • Gift exchanges
  • Stocking stuffers
  • Holiday decorations
  • Candy and snacks
  • Gift baskets
  • Charitable donations

While many think of wholesale sites as catering primarily to businesses and online retailers, everyday consumers can also benefit from the bargains and convenience they offer. Purchasing bulk holiday decorations is a great way to cut the costs on Christmas lights and ornaments, allowing you to spend more money on the people who matter most.

Additionally, buying wholesale Christmas gifts is a convenient and cost-effective alternative for stocking stuffers, Secret Santa’s, office gift exchanges, or for those with large extended families. It enables you to do all of your shopping in one place, rather than bustling from store to store in an effort to handpick dozens of individual presents.

You can purchase top-quality merchandise at fraction of the cost, enabling you to save big this holiday season. When buying in bulk, you can tailor the quantity to your specific needs. Whether you’re in need of a single case or dozens of cases, there are packages available that fit your goals and budget. For those looking to celebrate the spirit of Christmas with a charitable donation, you can make your dollar go further by purchasing clothing, toiletries, or toys in bulk and delivering them to those in need.

The holidays are supposed to be a joyful time of year, filled with rest, relaxation, laughter, and fun. Yet, somehow the joy of the season has become lost among the stress and pressure, and it limits people’s ability to simply sit back and enjoy their time off. This holiday, give yourself and your family the gift of relaxation by utilizing the wholesale bargains at DollarDays to your advantage.

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Hug Your Independent Pharmacist!

pill countOctober is American Pharmacists Month! Hug your pharmacist today!

DollarDays has relationships with many independent pharmacy co-ops that represent your corner drugstore throughout the country. These independent pharmacies make it easy for you to have a relationship with the pharmacist and their teams. They care about you and strive to ensure you understand all your medications and how they affect your life. Independent pharmacists are more like having a friend at your local drugstore, rather than being a you becoming a number at a large chain drugstore. These pharmacists and their teams want to know you on a first name basis and to be your one stop shopping for all your prescription needs. Think of it as having a friend behind the counter at your local independent drugstore! They are always available to discuss your medications. They talk in plain, non-medical language to help you understand your medications and health conditions. They are your friend!

DollarDays partners with these pharmacy co-ops that represent thousands of independently owned pharmacies—there’s surely one in your neighborhood!

Getting to know your pharmacist can help you become more familiar with the medicines you use. Did you know consumers who know their pharmacist’s name are twice as likely to ask their pharmacist the questions they have? They are also twice as likely to have made an appointment with the pharmacist to discuss their medications, more likely to read product labels and more likely to know the main (active) ingredients in their prescription medications, over-the-counter products, herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals (Knowing the main ingredients is key to avoiding accidental overdose of an active ingredient contained in multiple medications, or conflicts between and among the active ingredients).

Taking your medication correctly is one of the best ways to decrease your health care costs. The likelihood of medication errors occurring decreases substantially when patients know their pharmacist and feel comfortable asking questions and seeking the pharmacists’ advice. Get to know your pharmacist if you haven’t already!

Many pharmacists offer an array of education, prevention and wellness services to help patients improve their health and get the most out of their medications:

  • Annual Medication check-ups to review all medications, including action plan, documentation and follow-up visits as necessary
  • Prescription medication education – purpose, interactions, side-effects, timing and dosing of your prescription medications
  • Advice on over-the-counter medication, herbal supplements, vitamins or minerals for your condition or lifestyle
  • Assistance filling out a personal medication record that includes all medications, immunizations and health care providers
  • Medication adherence reminders or counseling on ways to make it easier to take medications
  • Seasonal and life-span immunizations
  • Diabetes care guidance – continuous blood glucose monitoring, proper insulin injection technique, foot care and eye care
  • Health maintenance counseling and guidance – smoking cessation, asthma care, nutrition management, exercise and physical activity instruction, body mass index (BMI) screenings, skin care and dental care
  • Healthy heart management and counseling – blood pressure and cholesterol screenings

Choosing the right pharmacist is as important as choosing your doctor. Find a pharmacist that you are comfortable talking with, and one who takes the time to help you with your medications. Ultimately, you have the responsibility for managing your health care, but your pharmacist can help if you keep him or her up-to-date about your health and the medications you are taking. For this reason, it is important to use the same pharmacy for all of your prescription services, especially when seeing multiple health care providers. This ensures that your pharmacist has access to your complete medication history when checking for problems or possible interactions.

The goal of American Pharmacists Month is to encourage these consumer-pharmacist interactions. There is a clear relationship between the consumer, their pharmacist and the consumer’s knowledge of how to use medications with lower risk of adverse effects and better health outcomes. American Pharmacists Month opens the door for pharmacists to reach out to their patients by highlighting the profession. It encourages pharmacists to participate in promotional events and activities to heighten awareness of the services they offer and help consumers get to know them better.

Hug your independent pharmacist today!


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September $5k Non-Profit Merchandise Winners!

FB ADThe results are in and we have 18 randomly selected winners!

Thousands of people nominated their favorite non-profit organizations, you know, the ones closest to their hearts! The first place winner will receive a $2,000 shopping spree (at DollarDays.com of course!), second place is a $1,000 shopping spree and third place is a $500 shopping spree. Fifteen organizations each won a $100 shopping spree and shipping is free as well!

If you see an organization you nominated, please let them know! Each of them will be sent an email this week to learn about their nomination, win and how to redeem their prize. Congratulations winners!!!




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DollarDays redesigns site; records 12% bump in AOV

August 26, 2014, 2:19 PM  Reposted from InternetRetailer.com

The closeout and overstock wholesaler reports its new site loads four times faster than the previous version and has logged 24% more customer registrations.

DollarDays International rolled out a redesigned web site in July and a four-week review shows a roster of positive results: an 81% decrease in its bounce rate, 24% more customer registrations, a load time four times faster than the old site and a 12% increase in average order value, the company says.

In addition to improving the web site’s load speed and general appearance, Dollar Days improved its mobile accessibility, says Marc Joseph, CEO. “One of our most significant changes was in our mobile presence. Resound Creative designed the site in a manner that allows for responsive viewing, which means our site will resize itself to adapt to any type of device, whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet,” Joseph says.

Last December, the company hired Resound Creative, a Tempe, AZ-based web design firm, to create a redesign strategy for DollarDays.com, focused on user experience and customer satisfaction, the company says.

The site redesign project included an evaluation of each marketing vendor and technology tools the company used, and led to engaging new marketing vendors. Names of those companies were not disclosed.

Dollar Days was founded in 2001 as a closeout and overstock wholesaler and now warehouses more than 300,000 products, from toys and household decor to apparel, electronics, and seasonal merchandise. It originally targeted small retailers but has expanded its customer base. “What was once a strictly B2B space is now wide open for not only businesses, but non-profits and consumers,” Joseph says. Registration is free and required to access product details and pricing.

DollarDays plans to continue using social media for a monthly merchandise giveaway. A $5,000 monthly merchandise donation on Facebook targets causes such as education, homelessness, animal welfare, elder care, teachers and students. “We have connected with a community of over 210,000 on Facebook that is like-minded. They respond to helping others and nominate teachers, shelters, schools, etc., to win the monthly giveaways,” Joseph says.

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We’ll donate 5% of your order to your favorite non-profit

As you know, one of the tenets of DollarDays is to give back to the community. We’ve created our 5% Give Back Program just for that reason. It’s very simple. After you have made your purchase at DollarDays.com, you will see an order confirmation screen that will ask you if you would like 5% of your order donated to your favorite non-profit. DollarDays pays that 5%—you don’t pay a dime. If you choose to make a donation, we will send and email to the non-profit, letting them know they have money to spend on anything they’d like! Isn’t that great? You can learn more about it here. It’s all about giving back! Pass it on!


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August $5,000 Facebook Merchandise Giveaway Winners!

FB Cover August 2014We have winners in our August $5,000 Facebook Merchandise Giveaway for Schools YOU NOMINATED!

Congratulations winners! You will be receiving an email soon with details on how you can redeem your shopping spree! We are so happy to be able to help schools around the country. Here’s to a GREAT school year and thanks so much to all of you who nominated schools.

Be sure to nominate a non-profit in our September $5,000 Merchandise Giveaway for a non-profit you nominate!

Gloversville Schools Gloversville, NY $2,000
Battle Creek Middle School Battle Creek, Mi $1,000
Greenwood Elementary Florence, SC $500
Parkside Intermediate San Bruno, CA $100
Sunset Park Elementary School Windermere, FL $100
Madison Academy Flint, MI $100
Smith Magnet Elementary Raleigh, NC $100
Level Cross Elementary Randleman, NC $100
Battlecreek Elementary School Salem, OR $100
Woodrow Wilson Elementary Gridley, CA $100
East Elementary Dillon, SC $100
LaMora Park Elementary Battle Creek $100
McKinley Leadership Acadamy St. Louis, MO $100
Classical Christian School for the Arts Pinellas Park, FL $100
Humboldt Park School Milwaukee, WI $100
Rockingham Middle School Rockingham, NC $100
Lighthouse Community School Cincinnati, OH $100
La Presa Elementary School Spring Valley, CA $100


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Goodbye to Austin the Intern!

austin the internGreetings!

Today is my last day at DollarDays. I am excited to return to school but will greatly miss being the intern here at DollarDays. I have had lots of fun working here and will miss everyone in the office. DollarDays has a unique office atmosphere that I have never experienced at any other company I have worked for. Everyone is friendly and upbeat. This office atmosphere definitely contributes to the great success this company has had and will continue to have in the future.

I have also learned a lot in the time I have been an intern. I learned about search engine optimization and how deep search engines dig for their results and how they order and filter results. I also had the amazing opportunity to witness the launch of a new website design here! I learned about all of the work that goes into a new website and how to have a successful launch. I also learned lots about marketing in several different aspects, especially in relation to social media. I cannot wait to share all I have learned with my classmates.

This last week has been very busy for me. I have been finishing up projects here in the office and packing up to get ready to drive back to Northern Illinois for a couple weeks to spend time with friends and family. A teammate of mine flew out here to Arizona on Thursday to drive back with me so I won’t be bored on the drive. I am excited to drive back because of all of the beautiful scenery here in the Southwest. There are some amazing views on the drive.

I know that anytime I am in Arizona I will be stopping at DollarDays to say hello. I could not have asked for a better experience as an intern. The future looks bright for DollarDays and I can’t wait to see how the company grows in the coming years. I would like to thank everyone here at DollarDollar days for everything that they have done for me and taught me. I will remember my summer as an intern here forever.




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July Facebook Contest Winners are Here! Congrats, teachers!!

july14 FB winners

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Teachers spend $500+ on school supplies annually

Why must teachers have to spend out of pocket each year to keep their classrooms stocked with supplies and instructional materials?

A June 2014 survey conducted by Agile Education Marketing and SheerId, the leading teacher verification provider, delved into how much teachers are spending of their own money and what they’re spending it on.  Take a look at the information to see exactly how much our underpaid teachers spend to help our country’s children learn!

DollarDays.com continues to provide wholesale discounts to teachers 365 days a year. Many teachers pool their dollars and place a large bulk order to maximize their money. Take a look at all the back to school supplies DollarDays carries. We save you time and money!

Be sure to nominate your favorite school to win in our $5,000 merchandise giveaway on Facebook! Let’s do what we can for these teachers, our heroes, who are building and shaping the minds of our future generation.

teacher spending

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