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7 Ways to Prepare Your Small Business for Valentine’s Day

Posted by Maria Werner on Feb 5, 2016 2:35:44 PM

Valentine’s Day is the second highest spending holiday of the year, falling just after Christmas, with the U.S. netting nearly $19 billion in sales each year. Businesses large and small can benefit from this spending trend, provided you prepare your store for the love-struck shoppers in advance. Here are some ideas to help organize your store for Valentine’s Day.

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Combine Playtime and Education with These Valentine’s Day Classroom Ideas

Posted by Maria Werner on Feb 5, 2016 1:54:11 PM

Valentine’s Day is an exciting day for children, and it provides them with an opportunity to strengthen friendships and improve their social connectedness. It also offers the ideal occasion for kids to unleash their creativity by crafting a variety of cards and gifts. Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas for the classroom that incorporate learning with craft time and play.

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America Does Not Have Enough Volunteers

Posted by Marc Joseph on Feb 1, 2016 1:38:01 PM

Unlike the 141 billionaires who have pledged to give away at least half of their wealth to charity through the "Giving Pledge," an effort started by philanthropists Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates, most of us don't have the big extra dollars to help out our favorite charities. So the vast majority of Americans need to help by volunteering their services instead.

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January Facebook $5,000 Merchandise Giveaway Winners!

Posted by Jackie Eldridge on Feb 1, 2016 5:00:00 AM

We are so excited to announce the winners of our January $5,000 Facebook merchandise giveaway winners! 

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Top Supplies Every Daycare Should Have

Posted by Maria Werner on Jan 29, 2016 11:24:47 AM

Operating a daycare is a rewarding, yet difficult job. A great daycare doesn’t just babysit children – it provides education and enrichment that helps children grow. Yet, keeping kids entertained and engaged throughout the day is perpetually challenging. While the power of imagination often fuels child playtime, there are a variety of supplies that daycares need in order to cultivate a positive atmosphere that fosters childhood development. Here are the top supplies that all daycares should have.

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5 Tips to Promote Academic Success in Kids with ADHD

Posted by Maria Werner on Jan 22, 2016 7:05:39 AM

While teachers try their best to provide exceptional education to students, the large class sizes make it difficult to offer the one-on-one care children need. To further complicate matters, about 11 percent of school-aged children struggle with ADHD, which makes it difficult for them to focus and sit still in the classroom. There are a variety of easy and cost-effective ways that schools can provide better care to ADHD children, allowing children to enjoy improved focus, fewer behavioral problems, and enhanced academic performance.

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How Small Businesses Can Simplify Taxes & Save Money

Posted by Maria Werner on Jan 20, 2016 10:39:51 AM

Tax season is perhaps the most dreaded time of year for small business owners. In addition to the innumerable odds and ends of running your business, now you are inundated with financial responsibilities that are often needlessly complex and tedious. When it comes to filing taxes, most small business owners have two primary aims; to save money and to complete the taxes efficiently. Here are some tips to simplify your tax season and gain as much savings as possible.

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6 Ways Nonprofits Can Fuel Their Fundraising Efforts

Posted by Maria Werner on Jan 15, 2016 10:15:47 AM

With the beginning of a fiscal year, your nonprofit can get a fresh start by innovating new and creative ways to enhance your fundraising abilities. Successful fundraisers need to be fun, creative, innovative, and engaging in order to draw support from as many people as possible. Here are some fundraising tips to help you ramp up your efforts and raise more money for your organization.

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Sending Kids to Camp: What Parents Need to Know

Posted by Maria Werner on Jan 12, 2016 2:28:41 PM

If you attended camp as a child, then you’re likely aware of the profound growth and education that children receive from it. Camp is a time when children learn independence, build social skills, develop self-esteem, and gain lifelong skills that follow them into adulthood. Here are some important things to keep in mind about summer camp to ensure your children have a positive and enriching experience.

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Surviving a Broken World

Posted by Marc Joseph on Jan 4, 2016 1:31:49 PM

We just went through the season of celebration, but really is there anything to celebrate? There are hundreds of thousands of refugees crossing the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, fleeing war, persecution and violence in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and many other countries. The indiscriminant terrorist attacks killing 130 people in Paris were so senseless, as was the loss of 224 lives in the Russian plane crash in Egypt. And we continue to have mass killings in our own country. In the three years since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, where 27 people died of which 20 were children, another 340 Americans have died in mass shooting incidents. Any of us with young kids or grandchildren have trouble explaining why our modern day world is so violent and unhappy.

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