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Selecting the Right Products for Flea Market Business

Purchasing quality wholesale products is necessary for the successful operation of any retail business. The right price, excellent customer service and flexible policies are a must when deciding on a wholesaler. For the flea market entrepreneur, finding the right wholesale products at the right price can mean the difference between success and failure.

Many flea market vendors buy inexpensive wholesale products in bulk and sell them for hefty profit. The key to flea market success is choosing the right product and offering it at the right price. Flea market customers are looking for a bargain. The average shopper is searching for the lowest possible price for the product they are seeking. They want a quality product, but most importantly, they want the best value for their money. Your business is competing with other vendors in the same space. Many flea markets have multiple vendors that sell the same product. This is why it is so important to choose the wholesaler that will give you the best bang for your buck.

Some wholesale products are more popular and profitable than others in the cutthroat world of flea market vending. Small items such as sunglasses, socks and costume jewelry sell very well at flea markets. Seasonal items, such as swimsuits in the summer, back to school items in the fall, holiday products in the winter, and hats and jackets in the spring sell exceptionally well.

Items that are sold for $5 or less attract the customer and encourage them to spend more. When purchasing wholesale products, look for products that can be bought cheaply in bulk. Also, keep the price points as low as possible. Having items in your vendor booth that cost $1 or less is an excellent way to draw crowds to your table and increase your profits. Your booth should be well organized and neat. Set up displays that resemble a brick and mortar store. This will give your business a look of authenticity and have your customers coming back for more.

There are several important factors to look for when choosing the right wholesaler. The first thing to consider is the wholesaler’s minimum order requirement. A good wholesaler will allow small businesses to purchase items in smaller quantities, such as one case, to make sure the product is the right fit for the business owner. The second is shipping costs. These can easily eat into your profits, so it’s a good idea to get the best shipping price available. Some company‚Äôs offer free shipping if the customer purchases a certain amount of merchandise. Since wholesale products are often priced by the truckload, prices are lower and more affordable to the retailer. Look for wholesale companies that offer a wide range of products at warehouse prices.

Choosing the right wholesaler is essential to the small business person looking to make a profit. There are wholesale products available for almost anything you want to sell. From back to school items, to name brand clothing, dollar store items to baby supplies, there is no limit on the possibilities of wholesale products available to the ambitious entrepreneur.


1 bob kesilNo Gravatar { 09.15.10 at 10:57 am }

looking to start a table . in flea market. need good things to sell at a cheep price need help to get started. thanks for any help.bob!

2 Lissette MaldonadoNo Gravatar { 04.11.12 at 11:49 pm }

I own a car and Im interested in selling small itms in a flea market. Im not sure if custom jewelry or any other item would sell. please help me out.

3 Flea Market OnlineNo Gravatar { 09.24.12 at 10:51 pm }

Simply Excellent post. Flea market is the right place that provide the different kind of products in affordable cost and it is important to choose the right products for flea market business. I really enjoy this article. Thanks for great effort.

4 nicoleandNo Gravatar { 11.15.12 at 5:41 am }

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