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Frugal Doesn't Mean Cheap

Posted by Joshua Unseth on Aug 26, 2010 6:11:09 AM

Our current economy seems to be forcing us to be frugal. Save money where you can and try to curb your impulse buying. A good exercise is to write down every penny you spend for an entire week, you'll be amazed where you can cut back a little.

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August is ending, the Sales are Not

Posted by Joshua Unseth on Aug 25, 2010 6:27:00 AM

August is almost over. And while DollarDays will still be here long after August is gone, the end of August brings with it some significant opportunities to save.

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Marketing On the Cheap for Small Businesses

Posted by Joshua Unseth on Aug 23, 2010 6:01:00 AM

Often times small businesses battle with finding cheap marketing ideas. Small businesses need to gain more profit, but need to be able to put out money for marketing. How do you find marketing money when you're barely clearing the bills? Here are 3 ideas to turn pennies into large profits.

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Wholesale Week in Review - (August 20)

Posted by Joshua Unseth on Aug 20, 2010 1:20:11 AM

eBay Sellers: The Basics of Best Match - Tue, Aug 17, 2010

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Using Loss Leaders to Save Money

Posted by Joshua Unseth on Aug 19, 2010 6:07:42 AM

Every week, you probably receive a pile of circulars from the grocery stores in your town. Before you say "junk mail!" and throw them in the trash, consider the ways that you can save money using these ads.

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Top 10 Back to School Wholesale Items for College

Posted by Joshua Unseth on Aug 18, 2010 1:31:00 AM

Send your kid off to college with enough supplies to last them a full semester. Wholesalers offer the means to do so without taking out a third mortgage. Check out this semester's top 10 list of ideas to help stretch your dollars.

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When Do I Need a Dedicated Sales Person or Crew?

Posted by Joshua Unseth on Aug 16, 2010 5:54:00 AM

There isn't a single part of American commerce that doesn't have its inception at some point with a sale. Despite this, the function of sales and sales management is probably one of the most neglected aspects of a business. This is hard to understand for two reasons, first, because sales is the literal public personality of a business, and second, because sales is the driving force behind any growing business.

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Wholesale Week in Review - (August 13)

Posted by Joshua Unseth on Aug 13, 2010 1:25:48 AM

Why more consumers aren’t buying with their smartphones - August 12, 2010

[browsershot url="http://www.prweb.com/releases/201008/dhgatenews/prweb4364764.htm" width="150px"]

A recent survey of more than 1000 PriceGrabber.com customers indicates that while many shoppers plan to use their mobile phones to assist in their holiday shopping, few expect to complete purchases via their mobile phone. Customers indicated that completing purchases through smart phone applications took too long, finding products was difficult, and credit card transactions are sometimes not permitted. Retailers should focus smart phone applications on providing customers with added convenience and cost savings opportunities.

eBay Sellers: Are You Taking Advantage of Free Listings? - Mon, Aug 09, 2010

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4 Tips to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Posted by Joshua Unseth on Aug 12, 2010 6:03:35 AM

The trick to saving money on your electric bill is to look for small changes you can make. Each of these small changes may have a minimal impact on your bill, but when taken together the savings will add up.

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Top 10 Back-to-School Treats

Posted by Joshua Unseth on Aug 11, 2010 6:43:00 AM

  1. Cereal Bars

    This one's a no-brainer. This kids' snack is ridiculously easy to pack, it's way quicker than making your own batch of rice krispie treats or something similar. They come in all sorts of flavors, so the kid who finds them in his or her lunch won't get bored with all the flavors.
  2. Gushers!
    They ultimate in corn syrupy goodness, you'll find these on the pseudo-fruit snacks aisle. Is it solid, liquid, or something in between? Actually, it's all of the above.
  3. Raisins

    If the thought of buying Gushers made you cringe in fear of the next dentist bill, you might want to go with something more natural. Raisins are nutritious, and unlike fresh grapes, they keep for a long time. You can lay in a huge supply and have yummy, healthy snacks for weeks.
  4. Red Bull

    Ok, this one's obviously for the older students. That is, unless you really want to try teacher's patience.
  5. Pigs in a Blanket
    Once the kids are finally back in school, there's nothing a parent wants to do more than spend the afternoon cooking a fun, delicious snack for when the little darlings come home. Or not, so there's always...
  6. Pizza Rolls
    Even a six year old can probably figure these out. Zap, eat, enjoy. They might even manage not to make a mess with these things.
  7. Fresh Fruit
    There's only one main factor that determines what foods kids like to eat. That factor is sugar, and fruits are sweet enough to appeal to kids while being chock-full of vitamins, fiber and other nutrients.
  8. Popcorn Snack Mix

    Microwave Popcorn Lung notwithstanding, popcorn is surprisingly healthy when it's air-popped and not slathered in butter and salt. Add some other ingredients and you've got a great snack. Make it sweet with cinnamon sugar, some M&Ms and graham crackers, or take the salty route with pretzels and nuts.
  9. Chocolate Covered Stealth Health
    If it's got candy on the outside, the kids will love it. So give them chocolate covered healthy things - peanuts, raisins, almonds or even ants. Gross? Insects are actually very nutritious.
  10. Broccoli and Cauliflower
    Hey, maybe your kid is a vegan in the making. You never know. If not, there's probably at least one vegetarian kid at school who wants it, so long as they're not all desperately trying to trade their crunchy lunches for sweets.
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