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5 Things to Be Grateful for This Thanksgiving

There is so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

1. I am grateful for fleece blankets. Coming in from the cold, nothing feels better than snuggling down on the couch watching television, wrapped in a warm fleece blanket. How did we ever live through a winter without these? They are the perfect size and the perfect amount of warmth for hours of cozy couch time, alone or with loved ones. No winter is complete without a few of these always available, laid over the back of the couch.

2. I am grateful for fuzzy ankle socks. These cover our tiny little toes when we must venture out from the safe comfort of our fleece blankets. Nothing defeats a cold, evil, hard tile floor than a warm pair of fuzzy ankle socks. These socks are modern-day armor against household chills. Slippers can get lost, but warm fuzzy socks are always right where you left them—on your feet.

3. I am grateful for scented candles. Some days are so cold that even vegging out on the couch seems too hard. The best cure is a warm bubble bath with aroma-therapeutic scented candles surrounding the bathtub. There is nothing like warm water and delicious scents to warm both the body and soul after a long day. Sometimes choosing a single scent works, while other times an interesting bouquet of assorted scents hits the spot.

4. I am grateful for Martha Stewart. No one needs to come up with the best Thanksgiving Day dinner on their own when cooking and decorating expert Martha Stewart is on the case. Relaxing after a hot bath with scented candles, laying on the couch in fuzzy slippers covered by a warm fleece blanket, you can pop in Martha Stewart’s Thanksgiving DVD and let her teach you how it’s done. Get everything from unique decorating ideas, to tips on making your turkey absolutely perfect. Good-bye, trial and error!

5. I am grateful for family. After all, without family, who would we snuggle on the couch under a fleece blanket with? Whose stocking would we sneak candy out of to munch under a fleece blanket? Who would we impress with a Martha Stewart-inspired Thanksgiving feast? Who but family would stress us out and make a relaxing, candle-scented bubble bath necessary? Thanksgiving is all about family.

Thanksgiving is definitely a great time to remember what we are grateful for. Here’s wishing us all a happy Thanksgiving.

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Wholesale Blankets – Wholesale Fleece Blankets

Did you know that if laid end to end, DollarDays has sold enough wholesale blankets to reach around the world? We want you to think of us as your world leader for wholesale throw blankets considering we sell and ship wholesale blankets all over the world. Do you need blankets for resale? Are you a non-profit trying to keep people warm? No matter what your needs are, our value prices will give you warm feelings all over. Give us a call and place your order for our cheap fleece blankets today!

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WINTER’S COMING; Fleece is Here

Remember the iconic Got Milk commercials?

When your thirsty, or your eating a cookie, Got Milk? is an appropriate question.

Well, like you crave a good glass of that white deliciousness in the presence of a cookie, this winter, I bet, you’ll be craving a fleece blanket on those cold winter nights. Make sure that when you ask the question “Got Fleece?” you can answer with a resounding YES!

Today and tomorrow ONLY, you can pick up 18 fleece blankets for $3.99 each. Got Fleece? If not then Get your fleece blankets today!

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This Holiday Season – Get Your Small Business Online

With the holidays fast approaching, retail stores all over are preparing to cash in on the biggest consumer shopping months of the year. November and December are huge shopping months because of the day after Thanksgiving sale (black Friday), and of course the commercialized Holiday of Christmas. But retail stores aren’t the only establishments cashing in on the Holiday spending.

Small businesses have in the past taken advantage of consumer shopping around the Holidays, and the best opportunity for success is via the internet. The internet makes it easy and very convenient for small businesses to reach out to new customers. In fact, with just a simple website and a few advertising campaigns, new customers will be just a click away.

Most brick and mortar businesses are your small independent mom and pop shops, and usually only do business with their local customers. This can prevent the business from growing, but with the internet, customers can come from all around the word. And this will definitely expand any business into a global company. Now with the Holidays coming up, this is the perfect time for small businesses to cash in on the billions spent this time of the year.

A website can easily be created online, and the prices to get the site up and running will vary based on the features the website will need. For example, a small business that carries hundreds of products and want to display their catalog online, may require database functionality. This will be more expensive to create than a standard website. The idea is to have the website represent the business perfectly, so that when someone visits the site, they will want to make a purchase.

The internet is huge enough for any and all products to get noticed, and this is why small businesses have such great success online. Consumers want options and when they are given options, especially for Holiday shopping, they spend a lot more money. So whatever your small business has to offer, get it up online and join the other small businesses this Holiday season. Remember, your business may be local, but with the internet it’ll have a global effect.

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Money, money, money, money!

So the economies still in the tank, and you’ve probably been affected in one way or another.

The good news is, even though the economic pie is a little bit smaller right now, consumers are still spending money. That means there is opportunity for everyone to make money.

DollarDays would like to help you do just that, which is why we’ve teamed up with Superior Financial Group to make sure that you can get the financing you need to purchase our products in this difficult economic climate. These low-interest, business loans are the perfect place to start your wholesale selling adventure.

So don’t hesitate. In this economic climate, make sure that you can keep your shelves full, and your customers happy.

Apply for your loan today!

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Wholesale Jewelry Displays and Assortments

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry always sells whether at stores, flea markets, or on Ebay. We have put together an unbelievable selection of jewelry lots that will create multiple jewelry sales, no matter where you sell it. This selection is so inexpensive that we will eat our online shorts if you don’t double or triple your money when reselling it.

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Week in Review (October 29)

Don’t Let Your Holiday E-Marketing Plans Run Off the Rails – October 23, 2010


During the holidays, it is imperative to have a clear marketing strategy. E-Commerce Times suggests that timing, incentives, and learning from the past are all factors to consider in that marketing strategy. More specific suggestions are offered such as beginning holiday promotions early, reviewing databases of customers, and reviewing the creative aspects of the website and messages. In addition, e-retailers should remain positive in regards to holiday sales. It is important to look at the long term and focus on the customer, whether returning or new to the site.

News: 4 Sneaky Shopping Scams – October 26, 2010


When it comes to online retail experiences, both shoppers and sellers need to be aware of shopping scams. Four scams that are currently being used are smishing, the text message version of phishing; small charges, scammers only charge credit cards small amounts hoping that the cardholders remain oblivious; membership programs, often pop-ups that appear on retail sites hope to “enroll” you as a member or customer on another site; and counterfeit electronics, knock-offs of popular brands that are made at a lower standard.

5 Pages Every Website Should Have – October 27, 2010


Though it may seem time consuming and not essential as many people tend to skip over the fine print, every retail site should contain the following five pages to reassure customers: Terms of Service/Conditions, Privacy Policies, Contact Us, About Us, and Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ.

5 Tips To Maximize Online Sales – October 27, 2010


In order to ensure that an e-commerce site is among the best, Top Ten Wholesale Blog offers five tips. Be sure that the site is attractive and easy to navigate. Create a simple checkout process. Offer more than one method for customer contact. Push to make the site visible on a Google or similar search engine search. Provide coupons or other offers to persuade customers to return to the site. Continually update the site to be sure it is seasonally accurate.

Gallup Predicts Flat Holiday Spending – October 28, 2010


A recent Gallup Poll found that consumers plan to spend an average of $715 on holiday gifts. This is only down slightly from last year’s average of $740. In addition 27% of consumers anticipate spending less this season while 11% intend to spend more and 59% intend to spend roughly the same as in years past. While these figures are not alarming, there has still not been a substantial increase since larger drops in previous years.

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Wholesale Flip Flops and Wholesale Sandals

Everyone wears flip flops. We’ve been wearing them ever since the dawn of civilizations. Our wholesale flip flops are so inexpensive, you can make a lot of money reselling them. Famous fashion designer, Marc Gold, has scoured the globe looking for the best and brightest, most brilliant flip flops there is to offer. The massive selection we offer at unbelievable wholesale prices will make you flip. If high margin, high demand fashion goods is what you’re looking for, call DollarDays today!

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Have Yourself a Frugal Christmas Now!

One of the best things to come from the uncertainty of today’s environment and shaky economy is a new emphasis on frugal living and a return to more spiritual values. Will the need to save money and be eco-friendly put a damper on the Christmas season? It does not have to; on the contrary, this may be the best holiday season ever. All of those packages piled under the tree and the list of social events are not what brings happiness, anyway. It is the simple act of giving from the heart and being with those we love that makes Christmas special.

Instead of buying sweaters and electronics that sit in the closet or end up in a Goodwill store, why not give the gift of an experience? Depending on the budget, this could range from a night at a country inn or a massage to a coupon for free babysitting or a free car wash. If you enjoy shopping and preparing special meals, this could be a gift in itself. If you do not, however, consider taking the family to volunteer at a homeless shelter and buy take-out on the way home. Chances are no one will miss all the fuss, and most likely they will feel thankful to be eating a meal together as a family.

Maybe you already succumbed to the quick fix of an artificial tree, but what if you prefer a live one? Why not find a live tree that you can plant after the holidays? Granted, this takes some time and planning, but you will be improving your lawn or neighborhood in the long run. If you are lucky, you might have friends who will let you cut down a tree from a wooded area on their property. After all, Charlie Brown’s special Christmas tree had its own magical charm. As far as decorations go, nothing is more Norman Rockwell than fresh green limbs, red berries, and pine cones; and they don’t have to cost a penny. Some tree sellers give the trimmings away, and others charge little for them.

The likelihood that you are ready to give up all gifts is slim, but that does not mean you cannot get the most for your dollars. A guidebook to bed and breakfast inns with a certificate for a free night will create memories for years to come, and a book of entertainment coupons for nearby attractions will bring joy throughout the year. If you order gifts from online vendors, you can save big bucks by using search engines or discount codes. You can even print coupons online to use in local stores, and signing up for email alerts makes the search even easier.

With all of these options, time is still limited. For multiple party favors, special gift wrap, or Christmas cards, online wholesalers might have just what you want. From themed gift baskets and scrapbooks to warm fleece blankets and designer fragrances, they offer a wide selection of affordable choices for the busy shopper.
There are many ways to have yourself a frugal little Christmas, but the best one is probably to slow down, enjoy the moment, and be grateful for friends and family.

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Top 5 Most Popular Christmas Gifts

It’s not easy to find a Christmas gift for the person who has everything. A lot of people are just hard to buy for, but that doesn’t mean you should give up and stuff coal in their stocking. If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present for someone in your life, check out this list of the top five most popular Christmas gifts for inspiration.

Movies are one of the easiest Christmas presents to give. Blockbuster hits are a popular way of saying, “I don’t know what you really want for Christmas, so let’s just watch a movie.” DVDs are easy to wrap, inexpensive, and fun for both the gift-recipient and the gift-giver…if the gift-recipient is up for a movie night, that is. Just pay attention to his or her personal collection; independent films are often a safer bet, because people are less likely to already own them.

Flannel pajamas
During those chilly winter nights, flannel pajamas are the next best thing to a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Because they are a classic style, they’ll never go out of fashion, and they’ll last forever. You don’t have to stick to the red and black pajamas either; look for printed options or colorful fabrics that will best suit your friend or family member.

Gift baskets
Gift baskets are popular Christmas presents for teachers, older female relatives, and neighbors. For some reason, gift baskets full of body lotion, scented spray, and other pretty bottled liquids that will make your bathing experience more fun are popular Christmas gifts. Although giving someone a gift basket might be a not-so-subtle commentary on their personal hygiene, most people at least appreciate the pretty basket.

Who wants a candle when we have full access to electricity? The truth is, no one really asks for candles for Christmas, but particularly sweet smelling candles are versatile; they can make an appearance at the dinner table or in a romantic bedroom. The candles that come in glass jars are not only functional, they also double as a nice decoration after the candle has melted down.

Candy canes
There’s nothing that gets you in the Christmas spirit more than the all-time favorite candy cane. Although candy canes are traditionally red and white with a peppermint flavor, candy makers have come up with all sorts of crazy flavors over the years. Try mint chocolate, bubble gum, or fruity flavors such as strawberry, cherry, or banana split.

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