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AgoraPulse is a great find for Facebook management

Tagorapulsewo years ago, Jackie Eldridge, Marketing Director for DollarDays.com, met Richard Beeson, Director of Client Happiness Enforcement for AgoraPulse at a Social Media Conference in New York City. Eldridge was impressed with the platform at first pass; it seemed to be the perfect tool to manage our Facebook promotions and growth. The bonus to a platform that has every feature we’d been looking for is the customer service. Seriously, it’s not even customer service—DollarDays feels like this vendor is more like family, and that’s because they are are genuine in all of our communications AND available nearly on a moment’s notice. They are fun, light and extremely passionate about AgoraPulse.

As a company, we’ve never stepped out and fully endorsed a product, except now.  Give it a look—we recommend it to any company who manages Facebook pages and is looking to grow their audience and reach, while having hands-on reporting tools and cutting edge promotional apps. Watch the video that captures our unsolicited take on AgoraPulse.

One more thing. You will not believe the price. Hint: the monthly fee makes our CFO very happy.

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Halloween Party Tips

It’s that time of year again!  Halloween in right around the corner.  You don’t have to stress or spend a lot of money to have a spooky Halloween Party!  Buy wholesale Halloween decorations and order your costumes early to save money.

Here are few tips to for your Halloween Party:

Halloween Invitations: Send your invitations early and keep in mind that parents will most likely take their kids trick or treating.  While sending party invitations through the mail is the traditional way to let people know about your Halloween party, consider sending an e-invite this year.  People will receive a custom Halloween invitation right to their e-mail box.  They can RSVP online and everyone can share the spooky details regarding the party, like what costume they’re going to wear or what dish they plan to bring.

Food & Drink:  There are so many Halloween themed food and drink options!  It’s going to be hard to decide what to make.  Try renaming normal food to keep things simple.  Chips and  salsa can become bones chips and blood.  Add a few eyeball’s to the salsa to keep people coming back for more!  Add gummy worms to the punch and turn your cupcakes into spiders!  Everything can have a Halloween twist.

Halloween Decorations:  You don’t have to overspend on decorations.  Set a budget and reuse some of last years decorations to keep your spending in check!  Don’t forget about the spooky music to keep everyone in the Halloween spirit.  Play games like find the missing head or get some toilet paper and see who can make the quickest mummy.

We love Halloween!

Here are few of our Hallow YouTube videos to get you in the spirit:

Children’s Halloween Costumes


Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Share your Halloween party tips!


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Scrapbooking Memories with Dolly

Dollar Days Scrapbooking

Dollar Dolly steals the show again in this bit where she and her sister Doris take a trip through the past as they attempt to build a scrapbook.

March 10, 2011   No Comments

Therapist Dolly Can Help You!

Dollar Days Costumes

Watch Dollar Dolly steal the show in this hilarious bit as she gives counsel to the most unlikely of characters. Call Dollar Days today and let them help you with your small business needs for wholesale costumes.

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Wholesale Blankets – Wholesale Fleece Blankets

Did you know that if laid end to end, DollarDays has sold enough wholesale blankets to reach around the world? We want you to think of us as your world leader for wholesale throw blankets considering we sell and ship wholesale blankets all over the world. Do you need blankets for resale? Are you a non-profit trying to keep people warm? No matter what your needs are, our value prices will give you warm feelings all over. Give us a call and place your order for our cheap fleece blankets today!

November 2, 2010   No Comments

Wholesale Jewelry Displays and Assortments

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry always sells whether at stores, flea markets, or on Ebay. We have put together an unbelievable selection of jewelry lots that will create multiple jewelry sales, no matter where you sell it. This selection is so inexpensive that we will eat our online shorts if you don’t double or triple your money when reselling it.

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Wholesale Flip Flops and Wholesale Sandals

Everyone wears flip flops. We’ve been wearing them ever since the dawn of civilizations. Our wholesale flip flops are so inexpensive, you can make a lot of money reselling them. Famous fashion designer, Marc Gold, has scoured the globe looking for the best and brightest, most brilliant flip flops there is to offer. The massive selection we offer at unbelievable wholesale prices will make you flip. If high margin, high demand fashion goods is what you’re looking for, call DollarDays today!

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Wholesale Teacher Supplies – Teacher Classroom Supplies

Running a classroom on a limited budget is hard. Begging parents and principles for a few dollars to help your kids can be tiring. DollarDays knows that in todays world, school supplies should be so affordable that they can be purchased by every parents and school teachers alike so that every kid can be educated. We have put together school supply kits as well as offering the individual products. Check out DollarDays for you wholesale Teacher Supplies

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Wholesale Flat Wallets – Wholesale Flat Wallet

Who would ever think that a wallet would become a fashion item? Bu this craze for wholesale flat wallets is one of the hottest fads we’ve ever seen. After using a flat wallet, you’ll understand why. It pairs fashion with usability and durability. The multifunction interiors accomodate your checkbook, change, ids, credit cards, and your kitchen sink…. Well, maybe not your kitchen sink, but you get the point. DollarDays believes in fashion at a great price.

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Wholesale Toe Rings – Silver Toe Rings

One of the advantages of a company that believes in fashion is that you can find cool things that girls can easily relate to. These wholesale toe rings can be resold just about anywhere, from salons, to flea markets, to upscale clothing stores. Because they are so inexpensive, reselling this fashion jewelry can make you a lot of dough. Wear these and our special DollarDays flip flops, and you will definitely be the talk of the town.

October 22, 2010   1 Comment