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You heard that right. Free shipping on all orders over $349 for 2 days only. Get a jump start on stocking your store for the new year.

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Giant Year End Sale – Stock up while you can!

Over 200 products have had their prices slashed to rock bottom deals. Up to 30% OFF!

We need to blowout over 2000 products to create more space in our warehouse for new products in 2011. This once a year sale allows you to save huge on popular products, so get them while you can!

Giant Year End Sale ends Dec 31st

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VIP Text Club Available Now!

Text “DDAYS” to 91904 to enter for our $100 Shopping Spree! By entering into the VIP text club, you will receive special offers/coupons that are exclusive to the SMS subscribers ONLY!

If you get tired of huge savings and exclusive deals, you can opt-out at anytime, reply “STOP” or text “STOP” to our short code “91904″.

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10 Tips to Save Money When Grocery Shopping

The cost of groceries can eat into a well planned budget. You can make save money at the grocery store using these tips.

1. Make a list. Look at the store advertisements to see what the weekly specials are as you plan meals. The special deals are listed on the front page of the ad. Grocers call them loss leaders because they may not make any money on these items. They get you into the store. Go to several different stores to buy the special items.

2. Limit the amount of prepared or packaged food. The outside aisles of the grocery store contain the fresh ingredients such as meat, produce and dairy. The inside aisles are where most of the packaged food is found. Try to buy most of your food from the outside aisles.

3. Calculate the serving price or per ounce cost when comparing prices. The bigger package is not always the best deal.

4. Have a price list for items that you buy frequently. That way you know when a sale represents a good value and you can stock up at the sale price.

5. Buy store brands, especially for basics like flour or butter. Only buy a more expensive brand if you find a noticeable difference in the taste or performance of certain products.

6. Go to the store well fed. If you shop on an empty stomach you buy more. If you are hungry you’ll be tempted to buy more than you need.

7. Coupons are often for items that are prepared or packaged. If you wouldn’t buy it without the coupon then don’t buy it even with the coupon savings. Manufacturers’ are hoping you will develop a taste for their product at full price.

8. Learn to cook the basics. When you are confident that you can make your own biscuits or chili you won’t need to buy them in the store. When you shop you will be buying basic ingredients which are much cheaper, healthier and taste better.

9. Plan for some nonmeat meals. Try some Indian recipes or use eggs to make omelets for dinner. Meat can be expensive. Vegetables, beans, rice and eggs are great values for the money.

10. Buy food that you can make into snacks. Vegetables can be cut up and stored in the fridge for crunch snacks. Make a batch of homemade cookies or cut up fruit.

December 16, 2010   1 Comment

Top 5 Fun Gift Ideas

Everyone loves getting Christmas gifts, especially when it’s a fun gift. This Christmas, get everyone on your list something fun that they will enjoy for months to come. Here a list of 5 fun gift ideas to get you started:

1) Bright Colored Socks
Bright colored socks are a hoot to get and give as gifts. There are the non-slip socks, character printed, socks with silly sayings and funky patterned socks. Recipients of these socks will get a laugh, as will the other guests watching them open their gifts.

2) Board Games
Who doesn’t love a board game? People will get enjoyment from this gift all year long. Every time they break out the game, they will remember you giving them. Not only are you giving them a fun gift, you’re giving the gift of quality time with friends and family, too.

3) Walkie-Talkies
It doesn’t matter if you are 4 or 90 years old, everybody gets a kick out of walkie-talkies. Kids, parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents alike, will find this gift adorably fun. Get an adult on your gift list a set of walkie-talkies and stick a note saying something like “never grow up” or something fun. You may not think they would use the gift, but trust me, they will. You can find kids’ walkie-talkies, professional walkie-talkies, walkie-talkies with characters on them, short range and long range. You have a choice in whimsical fun or a little more serious fun.

4) Movies
Find movies that are appropriate for each person on your gift list. For instance, for 30 and 40 years old, find movies from the 80′s to reminisce of a fun time in their life. Maybe there’s a movie that you and a special someone has shared good memories of together. Movie titles can say it all, too. For instance if you have a “Bob” on your gift list, try the movie “What About Bob?”. Get creative using titles, memories and the recipients’ personalities.

5) Pajamas
Ok, when it comes to pajamas and fun, these two words definitely go together. The sillier the pajamas, the better the laughs will be. There are footed pajamas in adult size. You can find pajamas with characters on them, silly sayings and designs. Like socks, you can find them with bright colors, too. If the person’s not into pajamas, try boxers for guys or joke lingerie for women. There are holiday pajamas, boxers and lingerie. There is a plethora of other various themed pajamas and sleepwear to choose from.

Christmas can be a stressful and anxious time of the year. Take the stress out of the season by buying fun gifts this year. Give the gift of fun, quality time. Share some laughter, jokes, maybe a few gags even and watch your Christmas transform into a lighthearted holiday filled with memories.

December 9, 2010   No Comments

3 Ways For Businesses To Save Money On Holiday Greetings

If you’re looking to tighten up this holiday season and save a little money on your holiday greetings without skimping on style then we’ve got a few tips for you. The holiday season is also a busy time for every business and you want to make sure that you work as efficiently but cheaply while maintaining the high quality appearance of your business. Our gift for you this holiday season is a list of three things you can do to save money over the holidays.

Go Electronic

Every business has a list of emails these days and you can send an email for free instead of paying for postage through US mail. You can knock up a stylish email greeting card or even use one of the greeting card websites to make your own stylish greeting card with your companies name on it. One big advantage to online cards is you can use them to link to your website as well, something you can’t do with a traditional greeting card. You can also use it to promote any holiday specials and get a more direct return on your investment than you can with a traditional holiday greeting card.

Buy Cards in Bulk

Get some bulk business cards to help get your business started right. If you have connections in the local business industry you might also be able to find some cards from a local printer who is overstocked. Talk to some friends in the local business community and see what they have on offer and you might find a cheap gem. If you can’t find someone to help you out with some overstock cards then take the time to figure out how many cards you need in advance and then buy them all in one go and get the largest bulk discount you can. Here’s a bonus tip for next year too – if you shop for holiday cards right after the holidays you can get some killer deals even at the big box stores. It’s the perfect way to stock up on some high-quality holiday cards for next year without breaking the bank.

Send a Generic Card

If you’re looking to save some time, and time is money, then you should be sending out generic cards to everyone except your biggest clients. While it would be nice to send out something really personal to all of your clients from the year, keep your personal cards to those people who really kept you going and shoot a generic one out to the rest. You have better things to do with your time than write hundreds of different messages in cards. So that’s a few things that will help you save money over the holiday season. If you’re still looking for more ways to cut back then you can try offering employees a little more holiday vacation time, or shutting down for an extra day or so over the holiday. The holiday season is always going to be expensive on the personal side but with a little imagination it can be a lot less expensive on the business side.

December 6, 2010   No Comments

Top Ten List of Christmas Decorations for the Fashionista

Everyone knows a Fashionista. She is the friend who always looks elegant, even when she is changing a diaper. She is the sister who always shows up for Christmas dinner looking like a million dollars. She is the coworker who always wears the latest fashions in the office.

Fashionistas have a sense of style all their own. Celebrate the Fashionistas with these top ten Christmas decorations available at DollarDays.

1.) – A set of leopard print purse and boot ornaments screams style for any Christmas tree. After all, what could be more important to the Christmas Fashionista than matching her shoes with her purse? The trendy leopard print will never go out of style.

2.) – In keeping with the clothing choices of a Fashionista, three lovely party dresses on hangers complete her Christmas tree. Sleeveless and form fitting, these cocktail dresses glow in holiday colors of red, gold, and silver.

3.) – Let it snow on her Christmas trees with a set of three metal snowflakes, one each in silver, gold, and ice blue. The pierced metal design is accented with sparkling glitter on each ornament.

4.) – Every Fashionista loves sparkle. A set of three metal gift box Christmas ornaments will add sparkle to her mantle. Colorful striped and dotted gift boxes in red, white, and green shimmer in the light.

5.) – Elegant candle holders delight her sense of design. A set of three candle holders, painted pearly white, trimmed with gold beads and delicate gold trim will look lovely on her table.

6.) – A Christmas brooch is an elegant accessory to any winter coat. A lovely sterling silver poinsettia with 18 karat gold accents will complete any outfit. The red central stone and six clear stones draw in the light, making this brooch a Christmas must-have.

7.) – Christmas print ribbon rolls provide yards of cheer. A true Fashionista knows that a Christmas tree is not complete until it is draped with ribbon. Her presents are works of art, elegantly tied with matching ribbon. Her windows sport large ribbon bows throughout the season.

8.) – Fashionistas also have a sense of tradition. What could be more traditional than peppermint ribbon candy, shaped into a wreath? These little delights nestle snugly into the branches of her Christmas tree.

9.) – No Fashionista wants to hammer nails into her front door in order to display a Christmas wreath. A stylish metal wreath holder drapes over the top of the door. It is sturdy enough to hold a full-decorated wreath. The elegant metal in red, gold, or silver will compliment any décor. Two tiny sleigh bells attached to the holder alert her to the arrival of guests.

10.) – Light up the life of a favorite Fashionista with a two-foot strand of bright white Christmas lights. The old-fashioned shape combines with modern LED technology to brighten a wreath, mantle, or dinner table.

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Selecting the Right Products for Flea Market Business

Purchasing quality wholesale products is necessary for the successful operation of any retail business. The right price, excellent customer service and flexible policies are a must when deciding on a wholesaler. For the flea market entrepreneur, finding the right wholesale products at the right price can mean the difference between success and failure.

Many flea market vendors buy inexpensive wholesale products in bulk and sell them for hefty profit. The key to flea market success is choosing the right product and offering it at the right price. Flea market customers are looking for a bargain. The average shopper is searching for the lowest possible price for the product they are seeking. They want a quality product, but most importantly, they want the best value for their money. Your business is competing with other vendors in the same space. Many flea markets have multiple vendors that sell the same product. This is why it is so important to choose the wholesaler that will give you the best bang for your buck.

Some wholesale products are more popular and profitable than others in the cutthroat world of flea market vending. Small items such as sunglasses, socks and costume jewelry sell very well at flea markets. Seasonal items, such as swimsuits in the summer, back to school items in the fall, holiday products in the winter, and hats and jackets in the spring sell exceptionally well.

Items that are sold for $5 or less attract the customer and encourage them to spend more. When purchasing wholesale products, look for products that can be bought cheaply in bulk. Also, keep the price points as low as possible. Having items in your vendor booth that cost $1 or less is an excellent way to draw crowds to your table and increase your profits. Your booth should be well organized and neat. Set up displays that resemble a brick and mortar store. This will give your business a look of authenticity and have your customers coming back for more.

There are several important factors to look for when choosing the right wholesaler. The first thing to consider is the wholesaler’s minimum order requirement. A good wholesaler will allow small businesses to purchase items in smaller quantities, such as one case, to make sure the product is the right fit for the business owner. The second is shipping costs. These can easily eat into your profits, so it’s a good idea to get the best shipping price available. Some company’s offer free shipping if the customer purchases a certain amount of merchandise. Since wholesale products are often priced by the truckload, prices are lower and more affordable to the retailer. Look for wholesale companies that offer a wide range of products at warehouse prices.

Choosing the right wholesaler is essential to the small business person looking to make a profit. There are wholesale products available for almost anything you want to sell. From back to school items, to name brand clothing, dollar store items to baby supplies, there is no limit on the possibilities of wholesale products available to the ambitious entrepreneur.

June 24, 2010   4 Comments

Buy Wholesale Jewelry – Stay Ahead Of The Competition

You can buy wholesale jewelry online from sources that will give you a great profit margin as a reseller, which gives you a great leg up on the competition as well. By being able as an entrepreneur to buy more quantity in bulk, you’ll be able to replenish your supplies, providing customers with the full range of jewelry items more consistently. Your customers can find costume jewelry, fashion jewelry, CZ jewelry, body, and gold jewelry at rock bottom prices from sites such as Dollar Days, which has regular deals to help you save even more.

Buying jewelry at wholesale and bulk prices from a dealer you can trust makes good economic sense. You can save a phenomenal amount of money by doing this–both in an economic downward trend and in a bull market. Get ready to save up to 75% off of shipping costs, and an additional 5% off with Dollar Days’ Platinum Program. You can purchase necklaces, bracelets, silver jewelry, earrings, hatpins, birthstone jewelry, anklets, and more online, from a trusted name in wholesale goods.

Dollar Days sells wholesale because it makes better economic sense for everyone involved. Wholesale jewelry sales are the best option for retailers who want a wide range of items designed for a diverse range of buyers. And because Dollar Days sells such a diverse range of jewelry, almost any retail business that sells jewelry benefits not only from the huge savings, but the diversity of merchandise available as well.

Buying in bulk saves you an incredible amount of money over time. Staying ahead of the competition, saving yourself thousands of dollars, while at the same time being able to offer your customers the widest range of jewelry possible makes good business sense, and will also add to a retailer’s overall reputation and brand recognition in the community or online.

Dollar Days also has accessories and repair items for retail jewelers with an eye toward optimum care and upkeep of their valuable merchandise. You get the full range of wholesale jewelry items with Dollar Days’ money-saving line of decorative items that literally cover your customer’s head to toe in stylish, fun, and complementary jewelry. Being able to offer your customers the accessories that can clean and repair their jewelry also helps keep you one step ahead of most jewelry retailers.

As a leader in wholesale items of all types, Dollar Days’ prices are hard to beat, and you can get an edge on the competition by buying more in bulk–and saving more as well. When you buy wholesale jewelry online, you’re doing yourself and your customers a huge service, by being able to pass the savings onto them as well as yourself!

June 18, 2010   3 Comments