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Top 10 Things To Stock Up On Before Having House Guests

When house guests are on their way, there’s always a last minute flurry of cleaning and preparing. Don’t forget to stock up on the necessary items to make your guests feel pampered and right at home. Whether the holidays are approaching, you’ve got a family reunion coming up, or the old college gang is in town and wants to crash at your place, make sure you have these 10 things on hand to keep your house running smoothly!

1. Tissues: Putting extra people in the house means more chance of spreading the current cold or flu. Having tissues ready and waiting means your guests will keep their germs where they belong, instead of passing them on to your furniture and you.

2. Snacks: People from different households tend to have different eating habits. To ensure that no one’s getting grumpy waiting for meal time, keep a few sure to please snacks around like granola bars these snacks are no muss, no fuss, and easy to pack along for a day trip.

3. Travel Toiletries: If you really want your guests to feel special, stock up the bathroom with a variety of individual size toiletries.  It’s 4 star hotel treatment, and it keeps your personal toiletries off limits!

4. Batteries: It seems random, but more people means basic things like the remote control are going to be used more often. It never hurts to have a few extra batteries in your drawer so you don’t have to run out while your company’s around.

5. Paper towels: This one is a no-brainer. The easiest way to clean up spills and keep your home tidy is a roll of paper towels. For casual guests, you might even use them for serving up pizza instead of washing the extra plates!

6. Blankets: You never know how different people will prefer their climate. One guest is comfortable at 70 degrees while another is shivering on the couch. Having a few comfortable blankets draped on the sofa or rocking chair will help your guests feel at ease, so they don’t need to go looking.

7. Toilet paper: Does this really need explanation? Better to have some leftover after your guests leave than to run out mid-stay.

8. Towels: Some people can get away with one towel when they’re on the road. Others need a towel for their hair, one for their body, a washcloth, and a separate face towel. Don’t go in to take your shower and find out there are no towels left for you. Get a second set to spare  for your guests.

9. Magazines: No, it’s not like the doctor’s waiting room, but it never hurts to have something available for your guests to entertain themselves. You might be cooking dinner or running a quick errand. Keep your guests out of trouble with something to read  while you’re otherwise occupied.

10. Chocolate: It’s hard to argue with chocolate. You may want to put it out to share with your guests, or just keep it for yourself to de-stress once they’ve left!

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Top 7 Christmas Gifts Kids Need But Don’t Want

Christmas morning is a time when you see your kids happier than you have seen them since their birthday party. Once the word is given, the living room turns into a cyclone of wrapping paper, shrieking children and family pets that are diving for cover. Every once in a while, parents need to throw in gifts that remind children that winter break will be over at some point and reality will set in. Here are 10 gifts that your kids don’t want on Christmas morning, but will use throughout the year.

1) Socks and Underwear
Ah yes; the old parental Christmas bring-down of socks and underwear. Nothing brings Christmas crashing to the ground faster than those little plastic packages that almost get thrown out with the wrapping paper. But your kids will use these gifts and probably wear them out just in time to get them again next Christmas.

2) Globe
Your younger children may not understand why you would give them a globe for Christmas. They may even look at it like it came from outer space. But once Christmas is over and your child asks for help with her geography homework, that is when you point out that alien Christmas gift.

3) Pens and Pencils
The ultimate slap to a kid’s face on Christmas morning is any gift that reminds him of school. Once again, watch the look of horror on your kids’ faces as they realize that you burned a gift on pens and pencils, but then watch how they cannot live without those gifts as the school year goes along.

4) Backpacks
This may receive more of a look of confusion rather than disgust. But every parent knows that the life expectancy of a child’s backpack is about six months. By March, your kids will be glad you got them this timely Christmas gift.

5) Clothes Hangers
This gift is more of a reminder than anything really practical or fun. You may want to remind your children that the more time you have to spend hanging their clothes for them means more clothes hangers next Christmas. You can be sure that you will see those Christmas coat hangers put to good use immediately.

6) Books
Try to find out what the hottest new kids books are and give them as Christmas gifts. With the prevalence of video games and the Internet, your kids may not even recognize a book when they see it. But if you can get them hooked on reading then you are helping their future.

7) Photo Album
Digital cameras have made hard copy pictures almost irrelevant. But digital cameras can lose their memory and pictures can be lost forever. Your kids may not understand the purpose of this gift at all. But encourage them to start putting their favorite pictures in the album and keep collecting pictures until they go away to college. Then you hold on to the album and give it to your kids again at the first Christmas you have with your kids and your grandchildren.

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Top 10 Funniest Wholesale Novelty Items

You may expect to only find things like clothes, office supplies, and other boring products at an online wholesale store. However, you can also purchase some funny and downright strange novelty items as well. Here is a top 10 of those hilarious novelty items you can buy wholesale.

1. Snakes in a Mustard Bottle
No, this is not a new film starring Samuel L. Jackson. It is a novelty product you can buy wholesale. Bring this harmless looking bottle of “mustard” to your next barbecue, and you’re sure to give someone a shock when they open it.

2. Bullet Holes
Do you live in the suburbs with your rich parents but still want some street cred? Well, you can obtain some without joining your local street gang. Instead, purchase fake bullet holes wholesale. They paste onto a car windshield to give it that “I almost got capped but survived” look.

3. Dog Poop
One thing that is certain to delight people of all ages is dog poop. Well, dog poop that is made of mess free rubber and not the remains of Fido’s last meal. Faux-dog poo is great both as a practical joke and as an ironic gift for that someone not so special.

4. Goofy Golf Balls
These balls will never hit straight. Put these on your friend’s tee during your next round, and you will be sure to crack up at the results.

5. The Barack Obama 2009 Dollar Bill
Why bother with ancient presidents like Jackson and Grant when you could have money printed with the face of the first African American president? Just don’t try to use this as legal tender at a store or bank. You may end up being arrested.

6. The Floor Nickel
Love watching random passer-bys make total fools out of their selves? You can actually purchase a nickel wholesale that can be permanently nailed into the ground. Anyone who tries to pick up this nickel will discover it’s not their lucky day after all.

7. Phony Cast
Are you one of those people always looking for new ways to gain sympathy? Try a phony cast you can buy wholesale. Just slip this fake cast onto your arm and invent a story about how you broke it while saving an old lady’s kitten from a tree.

8. Exploding Pack of Cigarettes
Want to get back at that annoying smoker in your family? Give them a phony pack of cigarettes that will explode when opened. Don’t worry. You won’t go to trial for murder. The exploding cap inside is harmless.

9. Squirting Pen with Disappearing Ink
Want to tick off a co-worker? Pretend your pen has broken and squirted a spray of black ink onto that person’s shirt or blouse. Thankfully, the ink will disappear very fast leaving no trace behind.

10. The Comb Blade
Want to both intimidate people and keep your hair looking cool at the same time? Buy a switch blade comb wholesale. Instead of a blade, a comb puts out. The Fonz would approve. Aaay!

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Best Back To School Items For Teachers

If you are a teacher, you know that back to school time means purchasing things for your classroom. Here are some things that you might want to think about purchasing to keep your classroom well stocked and to keep you ready to handle anything!

1. Extra Tissues

You can never have enough tissues, even if you do get a supply of them from your school each year. Even if you are lucky enough to have a school budget that includes tissues, you probably have to make due with the flimsy quality tissues that fall apart when they are used. Because of that, you might want to purchase your own tissues to keep in your classroom.

2. Paper Towels

Teaching a classroom full of kids is an adventure. It doesn’t matter if you teach kindergarten or if you teach high school, chances are that eventually someone will spill something. Keep a roll of paper towels on hand for spills or for wiping up messes on the floor. You won’t regret it.

3. Hand sanitizer

Many schools recommend that students bring their own hand sanitizer to school. However, it is a good idea to have your own supply. You can keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on your desk and one by the entrance of your room just in case students need to use it. Keep the germs at bay and hopefully you and your students can stay healthy throughout the school year!

4. Stickers

Using stickers is a great way to reinforce positive behaviors or to reward students for a job well done. You can purchase a large roll or stickers to be used throughout the school year.

5. Pencils

Although you may have a rule that each student needs his or her own pencil, it is best to be prepared. Leave a supply of pencils on your desk for students to borrow during class and you will minimize classroom disruption and distractions drastically. Of course, chances are that you may not get all of the pencils that you loan out back. For that reason, it is best to buy a large supply of pencils.

6. Pencil Sharpeners

Having a line of students waiting to sharpen their pencils at the start of class can be annoying and distracting. Instead, you can just supply students with pencil sharpeners. That way, you can guarantee that they will be prepared for class.

7. Red pens

You can never have enough red pens. Whether you use the pens to correct your papers or just to edit student reports, you should definitely have a supply of red pens.

8. Glue Sticks

Glue sticks are very handy to have around the classroom. They are great to use for classroom crafts, bulletin boards and displays. However, they also get used up quite quickly. For this reason, you might want to keep a supply of glue sticks on hand in your classroom.

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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

In the United States, the average wedding can cost anywhere from $18,000 to $30,000, yet, for many couples, throwing a more frugal wedding is a necessity. Listed below are five items that you can purchase to help shave money off your wedding budget.




1.) Wedding Cake Topper
For a professionally decorated wedding cake, expect to shell out over $500 or even more depending on where you intend to throw your wedding. You can save a lot of money if you can find an amateur cake decorator to create your wedding confection and you buy your own wedding cake topper. While many see the wedding cake as the center of the wedding reception, in many cases a great tasting cake with a simpler motif can be just as eye-popping as an extravagant cake.

2.) Wedding Favor Boxes
Instead of pricy pre-made favors that often don’t even make it out of the reception hall intact, why not try a simpler favor? These heart-shaped pink favor boxes with acetate windows can be filed with tasty candies for an elegant and understated favor that will please your guests without breaking the bank.

3.) Sand Pouring Ceremony
In many weddings, the lighting of a unity candle is a cornerstone of the ceremony. Instead of going with the same old traditional cliché, why not try something different and unique? A sand pouring ceremony functions in much the same way as the unity candle, but instead of using candles, the bride and groom pour sand from two separate containers into one, symbolizing the joining of their lives. You can personalize the ceremony by using different containers and sand colors.

4.) Disposable Wedding Cameras
To shoot a wedding and reception, professional photographers will charge anywhere from $1500 to over $7000. While you will definitely want a professional to take your wedding portraits, leaving disposable cameras on your reception tables for the guests to take pictures is a fun and frugal way to get memorable photos of your big day. A photographer might work alone or with an assistant, limiting the number of moments they can capture, especially at a large reception. By giving your guests the ability to document the day, you not only get a plethora of pictures, but they can sometimes catch things that would have been missed otherwise.

5.) Wedding Bubbles
Rice has been the traditional choice to shower the wedding couple with as they leave the ceremony for their honeymoon, but in recent years more and more people have furnished bubbles to their guests. While not cheaper than rice, the bubbles are more environmentally friendly and offer an adorably whimsical back drop as you are making your exit from the reception.

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5 Items for Your Disaster Emergency Kit

What would you do if disaster struck your home and family? Would you know where to find a flashlight, your important documents, or vital medications? Don’t let an emergency catch you unprepared. By creating an emergency preparedness kit out of the following items, you can be ready for any event.

1.) Tool and Lantern Kits
In many natural disasters, the first thing to go is your electricity. In a true emergency, you might not have time or ability to scour the house trying to look for a flashlight. This kit comes with two lanterns and a small toolkit that can come in handy for any small repairs or to dismantle furniture or items that block exit routes. It is small enough to fit in your emergency kit without being too heavy or bulky.

2.) Weather Alert Radios
A weather alert radio is absolutely vital in a weather emergency. For most disasters, from tornadoes to hurricanes, you need to take cover, so sitting in front of the television to keep updated about changing weather conditions isn’t an option. With this radio, you can keep informed while also keeping safe.

3.) Fleece Blankets
The most obvious use of a blanket would appear to help keep warm, but in an emergency kit, a blanket can serve many important functions. In addition to helping you keep warm, a blanket can also be torn into strips for emergency bandages as well as be used to bundle up other items for easier carrying, Fleece is a warm, but durable material that should hold up well in an emergency. This blanket will roll up to fit snugly in your emergency kit.

4.) First Aid Kits
A first aid kit is a necessity in an emergency situation. While major injuries require professional assistance, minor scrapes and cuts can easily become infected without proper care and often the resources of the medical community are allocated to those who are severely injured in an emergency. A first aid kit with supplies to treat minor injuries as well as medications to treat upset stomach and pain is an important component of your emergency kit.

5.) Granola Bars
Food is another necessity for any emergency kit, but you have to be sure to chose a food that is not only nutritious, but portable and long-lasting. It also helps if it tastes good, too! Granola bars are a great choice because they are compact, easy to carry, and contain a balance of fiber and protein to keep you full on smaller amounts so you can carry less food. Granola bars also have a long shelf life so they can sit in your kit for a long time without fear that they will spoil.

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10 Essentials for Summer Fun

Summer is a season of warmth and fun, with bright sunny days by the pool that can only be topped by the warm nights spent around the campfire cooking s’mores and watching the fireflies dance. Who doesn’t love the smell of burgers cooking on the grill or the feel of cool water on their skin as they splash in the pool? Here is a list of ten necessities for the summer season.

1.) Flip Flops

The flip flop is definitely the official shoe of summer. Not only are they cool and light, they are also quite fashionable. They can be worn to the beach or paired with a short skirt for a breezy look.

2.) Picnic Basket Set
There is no better activity for a lazy summer afternoon than a picnic. This set contains everything you need for a family picnic, from plates and flatware to napkins.

3.) Sunscreen
While a bronzed glow is a trademark of summer, sunburned skin is no fun at all. Using sunscreen with a high SPF can protect your skin from damaging rays while you enjoy the summer sunshine.

4.) Swimsuits
You can’t enjoy going into the pool or a day at the beach without a great swimsuit to show off to your friends. Paired with shorts or a wrap, the right bathing suit can be worn for many of your summer activities besides swimming.

5.) BBQ Tool Sets
Nothing says summer like the smell of food cooking on the grill. Serve up a summer evening feast with this tool set for the grill.

6.) Beach Balls
This versatile toy can be used for a variety of activities for young and old. Take it to the beach, the park, or even the pool for hours of fun.

7.) Bubbles
Bubbles are one of the quintessential toys of summer. Amuse your children, excite your pets, or simply lay back in the summer sun to watch these bubbles float away into the blue sky.

8.) Kites
For those windy days at the beach, a kite is the perfect toy. Choosing a design like this colorful butterfly will stand out in the sky amongst all the other kites being flown.

9.) Mosquito Repellant
Unfortunately, not everything associated with summer is fun. When the sun goes down, the mosquitos come out to play. Save yourself the itchy bug bites and invest in a good mosquito repellant.

10.) Water Bottles
Warmer weather not only includes more activity, but also more opportunities to become accidentally dehydrated, Make sure to drink plenty of water by carrying a sturdy water bottle with you.

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Tips For Saving Money On Office Supplies

You have a lot to worry about when it comes to running your small business. On top of attracting customers and keeping employees paid, you also have to consider the company budget. Cutting back where you can is important, and office supplies should be a part of the list. The information below should get you on your way.

1. There is no law that states that you have to use only the most expensive supplies. It is unlikely that customers and investors will pull back if they find out that the pens on the office desks are not brand name. For this reason, it is perfectly fine to go with cheaper brands for your office supplies. Make sure, however, that the supplies work as they should. If they are so thin and brittle that they do not last more than a few days, then you will need to upgrade to something else.

2. Keeping the tip above in mind, you also are not bound to the idea of purchasing only brand new supplies. This does not work for everything – toiletries being one example – but it can be applied to furniture. If you are searching during the spring or summer, scour your local garage sales and see if you can find any office furniture among the dusty books and baby clothes. Ask any business associates if they have old office furniture they do not need anymore. Sooner or later you will come across something that works for you, and at a price that does not push the budget.

3. If you do not mind shopping online, this is another option for saving money on office supplies. Many online stores offer discounts that customers are quick to take advantage of. You may save a few dollars or just a few cents, but in the long run it can make a difference. You need to factor in shipping with the overall total, but if you buy a certain amount you may be able to get free shipping. Online stores are also good for finding rare or very specific office supplies that you need.

4. Try to make the office supplies you have in your arsenal last as long as possible. If you do not need to sharpen your pencil every two minutes, do not do it no matter how tempting it may be. The pencil sharpener could break, or the batteries will need to be replaced more often. Do not throw away pens and markers when they still have plenty of ink left. Use two sides of one piece of paper when you wish to print something. These are just a few things you can do to help your supplies last as long as possible.

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Get your Osama Bin Laden T-Shirts!

Have you heard? One of the greatest accomplishments since 9/11 has come to reality. And now everyone is showing their support about the recent events.

Stock up now before these hot T-Shorts are gone! Osama Bin Laden t-Shirts

Many styles to choose from at great prices.






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Top 10 Necessities for Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again when the sun is shining, the birds begin to chirp, and you notice six months worth of winter dirt on everything in the house. Don’t be overwhelmed by the sudden urge to take a fire hose to all visible surfaces. Take a deep breath and begin by purchasing these must-have spring cleaning products instead:
1. Rubber Gloves
You already know you’re going to be elbow-deep in dirt. Avoid alligator hands and throw on a pair of these stylish icky-protectors. No matter what you’re cleaning, no worries – it’s not getting in. Available in Large, Medium, and Small.
2. All-Purpose Cleaner
Thank goodness for modern technology. Condense all your cleaning solutions into one handy concoction and stop lugging all those bottles all over the house. First Force Oxy works on the majority of surfaces including appliances, counter-tops, and bathrooms. Net wt 32 oz.
3. Sponges & Scrubbers
You’ll be going through these bad boys. The pictured package comes in 5 different color combination’s sure to adequately distract you from the task at hand. 5 piece package. 1-3/16″ x 3-3/4″ x 2-3/4″.
4. Spray Bottles
Pick your poison: Vinegar, lemon juice, industrial grade bleach? They’ll all be easier to use and look cuter to boot in these colorful little containers. 4 assorted shapes and colors. Spray with trigger.
5. Paper Towels
After cleaning every window and mirror in the house, you’ll need at least 140 paper towels. Better make them strong ones while you’re at it. 2-ply.
6. Trash Bags
Spring cleaning generally equals metric tons of trash. These extra heavy grade trash bags can hold heavy, sharp, and wet trash. Also ideal for throwing an imperfect spouse’s belongings onto the lawn. 45 gallon. 100 bags per case.
7. Broom
The first step to clean floors. Just simply avoid gifting this broom to your wife – she will not appreciate it. Alternate use: shooing away pesky house cats. 48” x 7”. Angled broom with metal handle.
8. Inset Killer
Where there is dirt, there’s the things that live in it. Show no mercy and use Ortho Home Defense Indoor to shoot on site. Works on all things creepy and crawly including roaches, ants and flies. 33 oz spray bottle.
9. Laundry Detergent
Bringing the summer clothes out of storage, putting the winter clothes into storage…certainly a reason for bulk detergent. Tide will aid your perpetual battle to keep fabrics clean and looking spanking new. 26 oz box.
10. Air Freshener
Overpower the scent of bleach and elbow grease and leave your newly cleaned home smelling fresh. Try the pictured assortment. A variety of scents ensures bathroom doesn’t smell like fresh apple pie and the kitchen like new car. 2 oz pump bottles. 48 pieces, assorted scents. Made in USA.

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