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AgoraPulse is a great find for Facebook management

Tagorapulsewo years ago, Jackie Eldridge, Marketing Director for DollarDays.com, met Richard Beeson, Director of Client Happiness Enforcement for AgoraPulse at a Social Media Conference in New York City. Eldridge was impressed with the platform at first pass; it seemed to be the perfect tool to manage our Facebook promotions and growth. The bonus to a platform that has every feature we’d been looking for is the customer service. Seriously, it’s not even customer service—DollarDays feels like this vendor is more like family, and that’s because they are are genuine in all of our communications AND available nearly on a moment’s notice. They are fun, light and extremely passionate about AgoraPulse.

As a company, we’ve never stepped out and fully endorsed a product, except now.  Give it a look—we recommend it to any company who manages Facebook pages and is looking to grow their audience and reach, while having hands-on reporting tools and cutting edge promotional apps. Watch the video that captures our unsolicited take on AgoraPulse.

One more thing. You will not believe the price. Hint: the monthly fee makes our CFO very happy.

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10 Products to Get Your Garden Started

Springtime is gardening time, and all you need to make the most of it are a few staple items. From window boxes full of flowers to flourishing vegetable plots, creating the garden of your dreams is easy when you have the right tools.

1) Work Gloves
Digging in the dirt with bare hands is okay if you don’t mind having to scrub soil out from under your nails all the time. But when you’re working with fertilizers or using tools for long periods of time, it’s important to protect your hands with sturdy work gloves. Gloves keep your hands safe from potential chemical contact and help minimize sores and blisters.

2) Triangular Trowel
Whether you buy flats of plants at your local gardening shop or are putting in seeds that need depth to grow properly, a pointed trowel helps get them in. A triangular metal blade lets you cut into the dirt and dig out the right sized hole without hassle.

3) Hand Rake
A lightweight hand rake with metal prongs helps to lift matted leaves, eliminate stubborn weeds and even out the rows in your flower or vegetable plot. The small size allows you to target specific areas in ways a larger rake can’t.

4) Kneeling Pads
Gardening means a lot of time spent kneeling on hard ground, and that can take a toll on your knees and back. Colorful, portable kneeling pads offer comfort and relief no matter how long you’re planning on spending outdoors.

5) Self-Watering Planter Pots
Some plants need to be started indoors. Plastic self-watering planter pots are an inexpensive way to jump start your tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables with long growing seasons.

6) Window Boxes
For starting larger vegetable plants or creating decorative flower displays, window boxes are a good solution. Place them on the front porch or around the house and yard to brighten up the atmosphere.

7) Liquid Plant Food
If you love flowers, you want your favorites to be as big and healthy as possible. Give them a boost with concentrated plant food and watch them grow into a stunning yard display.

8) Organic Fertilizer
Sometimes your vegetables need a little help growing. If you’re wary of using chemicals to increase yields, try organic fertilizer for an environmentally friendly alternative that won’t put harsh ingredients into the soil.

9) Steel Plant Stakes
Tomatoes and other tall, heavy plants require staking to reach their full potential. With sturdy six-foot steel plant stakes, you can be sure that your plants will stay off the ground and have enough room to grow.

10) Plant Ties
If you’re using plant stakes, you’ll need plant ties. Try handy Velcro ties instead of twist ties or twine for quick, no-hassle plant support that can be easily adjusted any time.

With these basic gardening items, you can get your flower and vegetable plots well on their way to reaching their full potential.

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10 Headgear Ideas for Showing St. Patrick’s Day Spirit

Any of these ridiculous pieces of headgear, would never be worn by anyone except maybe Leprechauns. But they are all just perfect to wear on St. Patrick’s Day because they are green, and if you are really Irish, you have been drinking.

1. Green Tinsel Wig

Nothing says I am a girl and I have been drinking quite like bright green shiny twinkling hair. It also shows just how far you will really go to prove you are Irish.

2. Tall Green Beer Mug Hat

In case you forget what a frosty foam filled mug of beer looks like during the festivities. Well now you are wearing a hat that you can just point at when you need a fresh mug or a refill. Plus it is just so attractive to the ladies.

3. Sequin Leprechaun Hat

Take sequins and put them together with a leprechaun’s fashion sense, now that has always been a sure fire formula for looking good. What could better to symbolize everything that Irish folklore and tradition have given the world.

4. Tri-Color Afro Wig

You might be cheering for the Green Bay Packers or maybe you are about to go out on the town this St Patrick’s Day. Either way drinking games will take on a whole new delight with this multi-color afro wig as your good time accessory. Be prepared for attention.
5. Irish Newsboy Hat with Braids

Long green braids hanging long from this sporty newsboy ball cap will wow everyone. This hat needs little more than a wet T-shirt and a short skirt to embellish the carefully placed shamrocks against orange and white colors.

6. Furry Green Bucket Hat

Just wearing glorious green, nothing says you are available and Irish better. This bucket hat features a distinctive combination of Irish stereotypes and being someone with a devil may care kind of frivolous fashion sensibility.

7. Irish Tri Color Tall Stove Pipe Hat

One part cat in the hat, one part Abe Lincoln, with that ultra large embroidered shamrock set front and center against the colors of the Irish flag. Nothing could be more American and Irish at the same time.

8. Pointed Brim Leprechaun Hat

The ultimate leprechaun party hat, that is as long as it is wide or vice versa. No girly Irishmen would be caught dead in one. But their mother’s might have bought one for them as a child. Such memories it will bring back.

9. St. Patrick’s Super Jester Hat

What is wrong with looking the fool, if you are playing the fool all night in this cure hat for the perfect crown costume. Or the fancy dancing sprite ready for arm wrestling or for clowning around on Saint Patty’s all day long.

10. Green Sequin Fuzzy Bunny Bopper

Then there is always somebody who doesn’t realize it is a holiday or what it means to be Irish. With bouncing sparkly sequined bunny boppers there is no way not to make a distinctive impression wherever you go.

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Week in Review (November 5)

E-Commerce Evolution: Beyond Traditional Search – November 1, 2010


Any online retailer knows that position on a search correlates to customers and sales. And currently, an increasing number of consumers are beginning product searches on retail sites as opposed to a search engine. Manufacturers are taking advantage of this and searchandising, where they are paying for position on a retail site just as they would on a search engine or a store shelf. Manufactures and retailers alike need to be looking at searchandising as a way to increase customers and sales.

Your Dropship Business: How to Avoid Internet Fraud – November 1, 2010


As online consumers and sales have increased this year, so have online scammers. To keep an online business secure, it is critical to use a program designed to detect credit card fraud, be aware of phishing scams as they can put not only the retailer but also an entire customer database at risk, and keep current with up-to-date anti-virus protection.

Gain Customers and Sales With Like-Minded Businesses – November 2, 2010


To help increase both customers and sales, consider partnering with similar businesses in regards to referrals and advertisements. Depending upon the specifics of a particular business, it can be quite beneficial to partner with another business who provides a service or products to similar clients in order to glean more referrals and, ultimately, sales.

News: Retailers Strap Down Returns – November 3, 2010


Due to the current recession, the return rate of both in-store and online holiday purchases are expected to rise. Many businesses are requiring information such as a phone number, address or driver’s license in order to return a product in order to stop fraudulant behavior. An online business, of course, already has access to much of this information due to the checkout process. Customers need to be aware of return policies, and business owners need to be sure they have reasonable and beneficial return policies to product themselves while not steering away customers.

How To Create A Compelling EBay Auction Listing – November 4, 2010


To ensure an eBay listing stands out from the competition, heed the following tips. Be sure the listing is readable; keep the descriptions simple. Select one, easy to read font type, and use italics rather than capitalization when striving for emphasis. Choose appropriate font sizes, and be sure that the header and body fonts are proportional. Use no more than two contrasting colors on the page for easy reading. Search through other eBay listings, decipher which seem to be the most successful, and utilize some of those aspects in your own listing.

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WINTER’S COMING; Fleece is Here

Remember the iconic Got Milk commercials?

When your thirsty, or your eating a cookie, Got Milk? is an appropriate question.

Well, like you crave a good glass of that white deliciousness in the presence of a cookie, this winter, I bet, you’ll be craving a fleece blanket on those cold winter nights. Make sure that when you ask the question “Got Fleece?” you can answer with a resounding YES!

Today and tomorrow ONLY, you can pick up 18 fleece blankets for $3.99 each. Got Fleece? If not then Get your fleece blankets today!

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So much to buy!

We’re in the throws of fall here at DollarDays. You know what that means?


Marc Joseph our CEO is practically giving away some of our best selling items. Take a look at the massive selection of products that are being offered at up to 25% off.

You won’t find so many things at such a great discount! So if you’re as excited as I am, I dare you to look through our massive selection of products. I bet you find a few wholesale must-haves that you’ll need to buy today.

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Winters Coming… Get Your Flip Flops

Nothing says fliip flops like the beginning of fall and the impending cold of winter…

Well, maybe hot summer days, walks on the beach, and all those other things you do in your bare feet are better for flip flop wearers. But since those days are over, DollarDays has a gift for you. We want to help you stock your shelves for next year before the winter comes.

A Change in seasons, a change in product, and that means great deals for you.

Come on in and get your free shipping on DollarDays’ select fliip flops today only.

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Get Ready for Halloween!

It may only be September, but the haunting presence of that most creepy holiday can be felt even now.

Today is the last day that you can get “Everything Halloween” at 20% off. So if you need to stock up on spooky deals, then head on over to DollarDays right now, and make sure that you fill your shopping cart with the creepiest goodies you can find.

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August is ending, the Sales are Not

August is almost over. And while DollarDays will still be here long after August is gone, the end of August brings with it some significant opportunities to save.

Click on the image above, and start saving today.

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Stock Up on Back to School Backpacks

August is coming, the school year is close, have you stocked up on your DollarDays backpacks? We highlight great DollarDays deals every week. And this week, we’re telling you, you’ve gotta have our backpacks. Well made, and school-ready, make sure that your store is chock-full DollarDays wholesale backpacks today.

Today and tomorrow only, DollarDays is offering $3 wholesale backpacks. So rush on over and make sure to stock up before the school year begins.

July 27, 2010   1 Comment